[ACCIDENT] Home Surveillance Video Captures the Moment the Brakes Failed on a 1966 Corvette


[ACCIDENT] Home Surveillance Video Captures the Moment the Brakes Failed on a 1966 Corvette

What you are about to watch occurred back in April, but the video is just now making the rounds of social media.

The owner of this Milano Maroon 1966 Corvette says he took his Corvette out of the garage for the first time in six months on April 20th this year.

Driving it up the steep driveway, the owner says he was showing off the car to his daughter’s boyfriend when he spun the tires and came flying back down the driveway.

It was then when he tried the brakes and the brake pedals went to the floor without stopping the car. He attempted to pull the emergency brake and nothing happened.

The owner says this left him just a second to choose between crashing into the cars parked in his driveway, go through the fence into the backyard and most likely end up in their lake, or run into the house.

The owner choose the house.

The Sting Ray impacted the brick house on its right front corner causing damage to the beautiful fiberglass. The owner was pretty upset as you would be as he backs the car away from the house and then gets out to inspect the damage.

Video Credit: Viral Hog

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  1. I’m really shedding a tear 😢 over the damage to this Beautiful Mid Year C-2 Corvette😞 I feel his pain….

  2. Well, he didn’t try the brakes when the car was moved out of the garage? Usually a failure would have symptoms he could have noticed. Oh well, your reputation is solidified with your daughters boyfriend. He’s got a story to tell for a life time.

  3. Wow…I can feel the pain, also…I guess its a good thing there was no audio from inside the car when that video was taken…I’m sure we would have needed to bleep it out.

  4. Man that’s tuff. I just got my 1990 ZR-1 on the road after spending a year getting all the bugs out, I have yet to even spin the tires. He probably should have did a test drive around the block first. With older cars stuff breaks, one minute all is good next minute you are turning wrenches. That looks expensive.

  5. Backed my 64 convertible out of the garage one day with the door open. The damage wasn’t as bad as this, but I could feel his pain. It’s worse when it’s your own fault!

  6. You should always do pm work on any old car making sure everything is in good working order. I had a friend of mine who ended up paraplegic when he took out his C2 for a test drive after working on it. Any car built before 1967 doesent have collapseble steering wheel and if you hit something that steering wheel will go though you like a spear.

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