[ACCIDENT] C7 Corvette Z06 Fails Dramatically While Trying to Impress a Mustang Driver


[ACCIDENT] C7 Corvette Z06 Fails Dramatically While Trying to Impress a Mustang Driver

We all know the memes about Mustang drivers and their penchant to lose control at the worst possible moments…and usually, there’s someone with a camera who captures the whole thing. Now the tire is on the other wheel so to speak as this time it’s a C7 Corvette Z06 that goes sideways and nearly takes out a Red Mustang in the process.

We’re thinking the Z06 driver was out with some other auto enthusiasts and it appears they were engaging in some roll racing on a four-lane highway that had just a small curb that separated the traffic. The scene of the action is said to be Grafton, Illinois and we believe they were cruising up Illinois State Road 100 which borders the Mississippi River.

[ACCIDENT] C7 Corvette Z06 Fails Dramatically While Trying to Impress a Mustang Driver

As we watch the action, the group of cars slows to a near crawl. We don’t hear the customary three beeps of the horn but all of a sudden the lead cars take off and the Red Z06 in the right-hand lane jumps on the accelerator as well, leaving a trail of tire marks on the pavement. After we hear a gear change, the rear of the Z06 breaks free and immediately the car swerves to the left where it just misses the red Mustang. The Z06 jumps the curb somewhat spectacularly and then spins around as it narrowly misses an oncoming vehicle in the opposite lanes.

The rights to the video have been retained by ViralHog and you can see it here from the Daily Mail:

We hope that the driver and his ride were okay but again this shows why you take your need for speed to the racetrack and dragstrip instead of letting it all hang out on these busy public roads.

Daily Mail

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  1. Smooth move Ex Lax! And traction control was off, because he thought he was good enough to not need it.

  2. @michael proulx bro I literally just died from your comment 😂😂😂


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