C8 Corvette to be Sold in the Philippines Sometime in 2021


C8 Corvette To Be Sold In The Philippines Sometime In 2021

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

The global pandemic has slowed the arrival of the new mid-engine Corvette around the world.

But a website called autoindustriya.com is reporting that the C8 Corvette will finally be available as a 2021 model sometime next year in the Philippines.

While the site doesn’t know the exact performance details of the Corvette that will be on sale there, it’s likely to be similar to the U.S. version that delivers 495 horsepower and 0 to 60 times under 3 seconds.

The 2021 Corvette will join four other Chevrolet products to be offered in the Philippines by The Covenant Car Company Inc., the official distributor of Chevrolet there.

Already announced for the Philippines are the 2021 Tahoe and Suburban, with two additional vehicles still to be named.

“With no exact date yet as to when the C8 Corvette, as well as the Suburban/Tahoe models, will arrive in the Philippines, all we can do for now is wait until Chevy officially brings them in,” autoindustriya.com reports.


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  1. Subic Bay, Philippines is where I ordered my 1st Corvette ’69 [in May of ’68] at the Navy Exchange, while on R & R. I picked the car up in Chicago in March of ’69. Subic Bay sure brought back a lot of memories.

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