[VIDEO] Ride Along on a 1,000 Mile Road Trip on the California Coast in a 1965 Corvette


[VIDEO] Ride Along on a 1,000 Mile Road Trip on the California Coast in a 1965 Corvette

I just finished watching this 23-minute “Drive Your Adventures” video with a 1965 Corvette Coupe and man-oh-man will it make you want to take a road trip in your classic Corvette!

Jason Lewis hosts the AutoEdit YouTube channel which has an emphasis on having “driving adventures” in various classic vehicles. He explains that he is driving “Bob’s old Corvette” with Bob being his father-in-law. Bob passed the car to his daughter with over 500,000 original miles on the Survivor!

His plan is to drive up the California coast to visit his friend’s custom wheel shop to drop off a bent rim. Along the way, he takes some side roads that offer a break from the highway with his journey documented with various GoPro and even drone footage.

Bob's Old Corvette

Bob and his old Corvette

When he finally arrives at his destination to drop off his bent wheel, we are treated to watching a master craftsman use hand tools to get it back into shape before it is polished to a shine. That segment alone makes the video worth the watch!

Bob’s old Vette performs well on the 1,000+ mile road trip and we get to hear that beautiful 327 v8 engine as the car drives through the coast canyons along the coast. Midyear fans will especially enjoy the trip!

From AutoEdits via YouTube:

On this episode of Drive Your Adventures here on the AutoEdits YouTube channel… I take this ultra-high mileage survivor 1965 Corvette Stingray on a road trip up the California Coastal highways for a dual mission to get the wheel from Large Marge the Mustang fixed at ET Wheels and to visit a buddy of mine in Santa Cruz.

With all of the side road sight seeing… this Los Angeles to Oakland and back adventure put a little over 1,000 miles on the Corvette!

AutoEdits / YouTube

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  1. Pretty country near the end – hope it hasn’t been burned recently! Very enjoyable video, but then I am a road-tripper and I get it.

  2. Kool video! Im inspired to take my C6 Vert. on a Route 66 trip in two years when i turn 66. From So. Ca. to Bowling green , Ky. to Chicago, Route 66 back to Ca. I can hardly wait!

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