GM Issues Stop Delivery Order to Halt C8 Corvette Deliveries Until the Frunk Recall is Ready


GM Issues Stop Delivery Order to Halt C8 Corvette Deliveries Until the Frunk Recall is Ready

Last night we were glad to hear that GM had issued a recall notice for the 2020 Corvettes to address the “Flying Frunk” issue. But not long after we posted that news did we learn that Chevy doesn’t actually have software update ready for owners to download and apply the fix. A Chevy spokesperson updated their statement with us last night regarding the recall to say that “GM is finalizing a software repair.” Unfortunately, we do not yet have a time frame on when it will be available.

But because GM has notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that a Recall was in play for the 2020 Corvette, they are also obligated by law to halt deliveries of any new vehicles until the remedy (ie, software update) can be installed. To that end, a “STOP DELIVERY ORDER” has been issued to dealers and Corvette deliveries will have to wait until the frunk update can be applied.

We are hearing now that the Stop Delivery Order is for “certain” 2020 Corvettes” and as an example, we heard that the Rapid Blue 2020 Corvette Convertible that was delivered to Criswell Chevrolet today can, in fact, be delivered to its new owners. So it appears that the Assembly Plant has been able to update the latest shipments before they are being sent to dealerships.

Below is a copy of the Stop Delivery Order which you can enlarge by clicking the image:

C8 Corvette Stop Delivery Order

We are working to find out when exactly that software fix will be ready to be applied to 2020 Corvettes. Once available, dealers will be able to apply the fix to those “certain” new Corvettes that require the update before delivery.

This is what news sites call a “fluid situation” and we’ll be working our contacts for any additional news.


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  1. I am glad I got my C8 before the 9 overly theatrical frunk openers shut down the line because they didn’t know how to get into their cars to without opening the Frunk first. Thanks, You Tube for playing up this operator problem and costing a loyal following from getting their cars they have waited on for over a year because you didn’t pay attention when you got in the car, pressed the the frunk release in the drivers door pocket, then ignored the warring lights and buzzers and drive away with your frunk open. I can’t wait to see the 26 mph C8 recall change on a C8 near me!

  2. I had to wait for my 17 Grandsport to be shipped from the factory until the funnel for emergency refueling was available. That sucked.

  3. Redesign the frunk to open like the hood on my ‘79 L48 vette that I bought in the summer of 1987. Still own it and had it on 137 mph at 2 A.M., July 5 that summer night and have put over 100K miles own it since and the hood has never flown up! Typical case of un-needed engineering and no common sense from GM.

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