Corvette Assembly Plant Surpasses Half-Way Point of Corvette Orders Accepted for the 2020 Model Year


Corvette Assembly Plant Surpasses Half-Way Point of Corvette Orders Accepted for the 2020 Model Year

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The big V8 engine that powers the Corvette Assembly Plant appears to be running on all eight cylinders now that the second shift is officially producing cars. Our friends at the gave us some great news this morning as they shared with us that the Assembly Plant has now surpassed the half-way point of production for the 2020 model year.

During the Virtual NCM Bash that was held at the end of May, the Corvette Team had told us they had accepted the orders to build a total of 20,181 Corvettes for the C8’s inaugural model year. As of the end of the 2nd shift on Friday evening (early Saturday morning, actually), the assembly plant had completed number 10,103.

We consider this milestone to be a very positive development for those still waiting for their 2020 Corvettes to be built.

Last week, we saw several days that production exceeded over 160 units with September 10th having one of the most productive days yet with 167 cars completed. If the supply line can hold up, we should start seeing weekly production surpassing 800 cars.

The Corvette team had extended the 2020 model year into November after the automotive industry was forced to pause for two months due to COVID-19. While the 2021 model year is still expected to begin sometime in mid-November, the Corvette Plant does have some flexibility to extend 2020 production into December if they are still short of completing the 20,181 orders.

As our friend John from the MECF says, we sure do appreciate those workers building our dream cars at BGAP. Keep up the great work!!


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  1. Are any of that count the preproduction 2021 cars that had started for vehicle testing? Only about 60 less weekends and holidays until they are building nothing but 2021 C8 at Bowling Green. Will check be any initial restraints?

  2. Who is doing the numbers for GM? With 10,103 cars to build and 53 production days from 9/14 to Thanksgiving (So assuming that 2021 production would start on Monday, November 30th). The BG Plant will have to produce an average of 190.6 cars per day. This is an impossibility.

    At an average of 148.6 per day and producing until the week before Christmas (Friday, December 18th) they could start 2021 production on December 21.

    If they can produce an average of 160 per day they could start 2021 production on December 14th.

    Someone in the GM Organization should look at their numbers and get real.

  3. GUYS ! 2021 PRODUCTION DOES NOT START UNTIL JANUARY 2021 or UNTIL ALL 2020 CARS ( 20,181 + or – ) are finished…….YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK.

  4. .Oh, Wow. I can’t wait to get my 2020 Convertible until Dec 2020.
    Will it’s rarity (sic) overcome the depreciation hit it will take??

  5. I’m not sure that building 2020 model cars in December which leads to ordered cars for 2020 not being delivered until 2021. There’s commitments and then there’s the traditional business model. One thing that you might not want to do is get so far behind, that you can’t compete with release dates of Ford and FCA, because you are not able to release your own 2020’s in the aftermath of falling so far behind on 2020’s that it impacts both 2021’s and 2022’s. Let’s further remember that E.V. game. GM is under pressure by the governments around the world to lower its carbon footprint These are real customers and part of an important market for the company. As we keep looking ahead, the TESLA-heads keep showing statistics of E.V. sales and percentages of overall sales going electric. In fact, it’s to the point that the Corvette Team, or most of it has now been moved to the E.V. division of General Motors. So fans of the ice Corvette and all of its future ice cars need to decide if they want to hear varoom from the engine, because hybrid and all-electric Corvettes (and Mustangs too) are going to be the only models available except for used cars in the not-too-distant future. Once gasoline stations start to close down by mandate or lack of profit, the game will change forever. GM is so aware of this – in fact far more than I’m pointing out – that this is part of its strategy to not worry so much about 2021 Corvette models and even more so 2022 Corvettes (believe it or not, 2022 models are just around the corner for most auto makers). Believe me: those waiting for the 2020 Corvette are in fact awaiting for a collector’s item, even as the number built exceed 10,000 presently. The really good news is that over 7,000 Corvette Stingrays have been built, almost all of them bespoke through the present date, Sept. 15, 2020. That exceeds by double, the pre-covid number. GM deserves immense credit for keeping this line going, in view of supplier issues, etc. I still remember when Mike D. showed a revised build sheet stating that his C8 8-Speed DC transmission was built in the USA and replaced the build sheet stating that his transmission was built in Mexico. No one but me brought this up in any subsequent forum. Those who still have access to the one or two vlogs that Mr. Mike Davenport put out showing the added build sheet to his car can verify for themselves that this even actually took place. I sent a request to Mike Davenport for an explanation, through his vlog site comments, but to date, no response. The story itself is actually quite huge, as those looking forward to concours in the future will wonder why the rest of us did not receive notice that our car’s DCT may have been build in the USA and not Mexico. Meantime, in just a few days, GM will pass the 11,000th Vette built on the mid-engine platform and management can breathe a sigh of relief. As always, it is hoped that when 169 Vettes are built in a day, the quality control will still be at the highest level, as this is most important to an owner once they take delivery of their C8. AF

  6. I have TPW of November 3rd for a LT2, w/ front end lift, Z56, museum delivery. Ordered September 2019.

  7. Bowling Green is running out of time! I hope they make it to 20,000 units for the 2020 model year.

  8. I am very upset!! I placed my order in Oct 2019 and I’m still at 3000 status.
    I think my dealer has been pushing me back and selling at higher than list

  9. I am also at 3000 status since Feb as I had 65 people ahead of me on the waiting list. I had a TPW and now I don’t any longer, and for the last two months I get the same story “sorry we don’t have a TPW at this time and we won’t for the next three to four weeks”. Totally in the dark.

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