[VIDEO] Alien Drives a C3 Corvette In New Butterfinger Commercial


[VIDEO] Alien Drives a C3 Corvette In New Butterfinger Commercial

It doesn’t get much better for this writer than chomping down a box of Butterfinger bits accompanied by a bag of popcorn at the movie theater.

But I may have to rethink that opinion after seeing this humorous new commercial for the new “better” Butterfinger that just happens to include one of my favorite all-time Corvettes, an early ’80s C3 coupe, dusty though it may be.

It’s all part of an expanded campaign by the new owners of Butterfinger, Ferrero Group, who acquired the brand from Nestle last year.

The commercial opens with a woman walking out of a store and telling a friend, “Hey, check this out!”

“Butterfinger?” he asks.

“It’s a better Butterfinger,” she says before taking a big bite out of her candy bar.

A voiceover then gives the details about the improvements, which include removing an artificial preservative and hydrogenated oil, switching to an all-U.S. grown jumbo peanut, and a higher-quality chocolate coating. Kristen Mandel, senior director of marketing at Ferrara Candy Co., says the new bars will also be protected by double layer packaging.

Those improvements all add up to what should indeed be a “better” Butterfinger, one that even manages to wake up an alien stretched out on an examination table in a lab on Earth. Dressed in the blue and yellow colors of a Butterfinger wrapper, the alien snaps to attention, climbs off the table and waves good-bye to a couple of scientists before hauling it on over to a dirty Corvette outside the lab.

[VIDEO] Alien Drives a C3 Corvette In This New Butterfinder's Commercial

He (she?) has trouble opening the doors as we would imagine an alien might since C3 Corvettes have those super-cool push-in door handles, but persists, climbs behind the wheel and takes off backwards through a fence, sending dirt flying into the air along the way. He (she?) picks up a flower-child T-shirt salesman along the way who gets a thrilling ride that includes soaring through the air in the car.

Our favorite part, though, comes at the end when the alien – who seems to control the car with his mind, not his hands – does a wild 180-degree slide of the Corvette into a tight parking spot between two cars, then uses his (her?) alien powers to make the Butterfinger of the American couple float through the air into his (her?) waiting hands, whereupon he (she?) warns, “Nobody lays a finger on my better Butterfinger.”

As the alien takes off in the Corvette, the commercial concludes with a closeup of him (her?) smiling and giving a thumbs up while winking and proclaiming, “Dig it!”

I wonder just how many of you will head to the convenience store tonight and pick up a Butterfinger? Be sure to save some for us!


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  1. Anybody else catch that the Corvette changes from a 78-79 to an 80-82 model between the first shot of it parked and the driving scenes?

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