[VIDEO] NCM Anniversary Celebration 2020 – Wednesday Highlights


[VIDEO] NCM Anniversary Celebration 2020 - Wednesday Highlights

As we’ve mentioned over the last couple of days, CorvetteBlogger contributor Jeremy Welborn is at the National Corvette Museum’s Anniversary Celebration this week and yesterday he bounced around from the Museum to the NCM Motorsports Park, and then finally he stopped over at the Corvette Assembly Plant for some photos of his Sebring Orange 2020 Coupe as it visits “home” for the first time.

While at the NCM, Jeremy witnessed the R8C Museum Delivery of Blade Silver 2020 Corvette Convertible going to new owners. Out in the NCM’s parking lot, he also shows a Ceramic Matrix Gray HTC which was just delivered to former Assembly Plant Manager Jeff Lamarche. FYI, Jeff is now the plant manager at Spring Hill in Tennessee and like a lot of former plant employees, he just can’t shake that Corvette Fever! So congrats on the new Corvette Jeff!

[VIDEO] NCM Anniversary Celebration 2020 - Wednesday Highlights

When Jeremy picked up his 2020 Corvette back in March, he was also entitled to run some laps at the NCM Motorsports Park. But as he got his car before the track got theirs, he elected to take a rain check which he cashed in yesterday for some laps in the Motorsport Park’s C8 Z51 Coupe. Unfortunately, the track was wet from a recent storm so his driving experience consisted of mostly parade laps.

After a walkthrough of the new NCM exhibits, Jeremy drives over to the Corvette Assembly Plant for some photos of the new exterior display as well as some pics of his car in front of the facility.

From Jeremy Welborn via YouTube:

The first day of the National Corvette Museum’s 26th Anniversary Celebration was full of fun activities. In today’s video, you’ll see a 2020 Corvette Stingray HTC delivery, R8C track laps, some of the NCM’s newest exhibits, and more 2020 Corvette coupes and convertibles.

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  1. Congratulations to the National Corvette Museum on the Anniversary and all the festivities surrounding the same. Like that Ceramic gray c8, “…and Jeff’s Corvette fever.” Today, I was sitting in my Ceramic Matrix Gray Metallic C8 coupe, when a fellow knocked on my window and awoke me from a nap I was taking in the Home Depot parking lot. He wanted to know more about my C8 and then told me that he had ordered two identical 2020 C8’s in, “Shadow Gray.” He was notified a while ago that both of his orders had been bumped to 20201. He did not appear to be angry over it, just realizing that it is business and that he is anxiously awaiting his 2021 Corvette pair. Just like Corvettes of old, I use my Corvette Stingray to make a Home Depot (today) or a Costco run (yesterday). Some one asked me how I got that huge basket of stuff into the Corvette, while I was loading up to go home at COSTCO. I said, “Oh, it’s no problem. I just put in one item at a time!” AF

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