The Lost Corvettes Sweepstakes: Win One of 36 Corvettes!


The Lost Corvettes Sweepstakes: Win One of 36 Corvettes!

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Proceeds to benefit the National Guard Educational Foundation

It was one of the greatest grand prizes for the ages back in 1988 and today it’s known as “the greatest Corvette barn find in history.”

Thirty-six Corvettes representing every Corvette model year from 1953 to 1989 were won in a famous VH1 contest in 1988 by a carpenter from Long Island named Dennis Amodeo. Instead of taking delivery of the cars, he sold the entire collection to pop artist Peter Max who planned to use them in an art project that never materialized.

For decades the 36 Corvettes would languish in a number parking garages in New York City. Many had flat tires, rolled down windows and some of the more collectible cars like the 1953 Corvette were stored with its top down allowing years of dirt and grime to accumulate.

1963 Corvette

In 2012 the Corvettes would be moved to yet another garage again, and with Peter Max having some tax issues at the time, he eventually found a willing buyer.

Enter Chris Mazzilli, Scott Heller, and the Corvette Heroes…a group of real estate and parking garage professionals who purchased the group of the Corvettes from Peter Max with the original intent to fix up and sell each one. After assessing the cars, Mazzilli believed the famous collection deserved another round in the limelight. And what better way than to offer the cars in new sweepstakes with 36 winners taking home a historic Corvette! The story of the Lost Corvettes and restoration efforts on the gems in the collection was compiled into a documentary series that ran on the History Channel and FYI Network in the Fall of 2019.

Other than a few of the cars which ended up being natural collectibles like the early Corvettes that include the 1953, 1955 and the 1967 models, most of the Corvettes are driver-quality with more than a few having automatic transmissions, while convertibles outnumber the coupes. But with such a diverse collection, each is unique with its own story to tell.

The 1953 Corvette had a total restoration consisting of 4,000 hours of work, while the 1989 Corvette needed just 40 hours. One of our favorites in the collection is the 1967 Corvette that was re-imagined as a replica of the famous Ko-Motion street racer built by Motion Performance for “Astoria Chas” Snyder. Jerry Seinfeld drove the Cascade Green 1956 Corvette for his episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Jimmy Fallon.

Jerry Seinfeld

Corvette Heroes will be offering each of the Corvettes with proceeds to benefit the National Guard Educational Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. Tickets for The Lost Corvettes start at $3 each with bonus ticket levels beginning at $25 and up. Tickets are tax-deductible and they pay the winner’s taxes. The sweepstakes ends on September 8th, 2020 and the drawing for the winners will take place on or about September 30th, 2020.

Nearly 470,000 Citizen Soldiers and Airmen comprise the Army and Air National Guard. Founded in 1975, the National Guard Educational Foundation’s purpose is to tell the Guard’s story. Located in the National Guard Memorial Building in Washington, D.C., NGEF relies solely on charitable contributions to carry out its mission to present the rich heritage and continuing contributions of the National Guard of the United States.

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