GM Responds to 2020 Corvette Z51 Brake Duct Installs During the PDI Process


GM Responds to 2020 Corvette Z51 Brake Duct Installs During the PDI Process

Ever since we caught that video from JMC Rides on YouTube showing a 2020 Corvette with fire and smoke coming out of its wheels after debris was sucked into the lower Z51 brake ducts, we’ve come to find that many Chevrolet dealerships were performing their Corvette PDIs incorrectly.

In that scary video, the Corvette’s owner confirms the lower Z51 brake ducts were installed when he picked up the car.

Back before the first 2020 Corvettes were delivered, we featured this copy of the official PDI checklist for new Corvettes. Unfortunately, it appears that some service technicians skipped the required reading and were either installing everything that came with the car, or installing none of the pieces as required during the Pre-Delivery Inspection.

2020 Corvette PDI Checklist

Those lower rear Z51 brake ducts are only supposed to be installed for track use, however, the upper rear Z51 brake ducts should be installed during PDI according to a GM spokesperson. The spokesperson was responding to a request for clarification from our friends at the MidEngineCorvetteForum. John from MECF writes that members were asking questions about the PDI installs of the Z51 brake cooling ducts specifically after learning that not 100% of all dealerships were installing the required ducts correctly.

The GM spokesperson said the following in regards to the Z51 brake duct installs during PDI:

“During the 2020 Stingray Z51 pre-delivery inspection, the lower and upper front rubber brake intake cooling ducts and the upper rear brake intake duct shall be installed on every Z51 C8.” Also as specified in the PDI, “the cooling ducts attached to the lower rear control arm are for track use only and should not be installed during the PDI.”

If you have a 2020 Z51 in the driveway, now may be a good time to make a visual inspection to ensure your required Z51 brake ducts were installed while the two optional lower rear brake ducts are not. At the very least, confirm that you have only two ducts remaining in the bag that was given to you at delivery. Here’s where they are according to the 2020 Corvette Owner’s Manual. Click on the images below to enlarge:

2020 Corvette Z51 Brake Ducts

2020 Corvette Z51 Brake Ducts


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