[VIDEO] The C8 Corvette is Huge In Taiwan!


[VIDEO] The C8 Corvette is Huge In Taiwan!

Well, it may be huge in Taiwan. But actually, I can’t back up that claim other than to say it should be! We’re not sure how newsworthy this is, but for us, it’s always been a point of pride to see our favorite American sports car lauded on foreign media in distant lands.

We came across an automotive TV show from Taiwan called “57 Dream Street” this weekend on YouTube. They recently did a what looks to be a substantial review of the new C8 mid-engine Corvette, and most surprising was that they had an example in the studio.

No subtitles were available, unfortunately, but it’s great to see the 2020 Corvette being discussed along with Ferrari as well as McLaren and Koenigsegg which came up later.

After what we think is a discussion of the C8 Corvette’s price compared to a Ferrari and other vehicles, a full walk around and discussion of the car commences at 6:25 and goes on for a full 15 minutes.

Top 5 V8 in Taiwan

Finally, at around 31:57 the host shows a “V8 Top Five” list with the C8 Corvette being first, followed by Mercedes AMG GT 63 S, Ford Mustang GT, BMW M5 Competition and the Camaro ZL1 1LE.

For anyone gifted to understanding Chinese (Taiwan), here’s the full episode:

On further digging, Taiwan’s traffic system is an LHD country, so perhaps no waiting for whenever the RHD versions of the C8 are said to be ready for export. A quick dip into the country’s trademark office led us to a ton of listings from General Motors including the trademark for “ZORA” filed all the way back in 2014.

So they got that going for them. Which is nice.

57 Dream Street (Taiwan) / YouTube

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