[VIDEO] Unholy Engine Swap: C6 Corvette Z06’s LS7 V8 Swapped for a 680-hp Toyota 2JZ Straight-Six


[VIDEO] Unholy Engine Swap: C6 Corvette Z06's LS7 V8 Swapped for a 680-hp Toyota 2JZ Straight-Six

We’ve told you about some Unholy Engine Swaps in the past, morphed creations like a Geo Tracker with an LS1 Corvette motor or a ’54 Corvette with an LS9 ZR1 engine or a Z06 7-liter powerplant crammed into a Chevy Spark.

Here’s one we know the purists out there will hate: a Toyota 2JZ inline-six taking the place of a C6 Z06’s stock 7.0-liter V8. The 2JZ is usually found in cars like the Lexus GS300 and SC300.

The unorthodox swap was the brainchild of RSG High Performance Center in Ajman, United Arab Emirates, who pulled the rabbit out of their hat for professional BMX rider Abdulla Alhosani.

While we’re not particularly crazy about the idea of a six-cylinder Corvette (though we know that’s how all this got started in 1953), we do have to admit that the new setup produces much more power than the Z06’s stock 505 horsepower. The Toyota engine, upgraded with a Precision 6870 turbocharger and MoTeC M130 ECU, knocks out a whopping 679.2 horsepower and 468 ft-lb of torque on 98 octane fuel and 1.4 bar (20.3psi) of boost.

They were able to keep the factory torque tube and six-speed manual transaxle by employing a custom bellhousing adapter and custom Tilton clutch/flywheel. And it all fit in the Corvette engine bay like it came that way from the Bowling Green factory.

That being said, do you consider this swap a positive step for this Corvette, or a sacrilegious move that should be banned?

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  1. Saying Unholy, or Sacrilegious is an understatement. Corvette, “America’s Sports Car”, “American Muscle”, “USA-1”, is in a class of it’s own. Why not spend half the money and build the American LS7 that was already in the Corvette and in all probability exceed the HP of the Foreign Engine? I could go on but feel I will be catching a lot of flack over this comment, never mind adding to it! I’ll just answer your question: Sacrilegious—> No doubt in my mind, certainly Unholy to do something like this to America’s Finest Sport Car! 😱😢😭

  2. I understand some peoples need to be different but to do this to America’s Sports Car is indeed sacrilegious. This swap was done overseas in the middle east and that’s where it should stay, here in the states the money involved would have been put into the V/8 that came in the car.

  3. This is nothing. Years ago at a car show in northern Wisconsin I saw a corvette with a Studebaker flathead 6. Obviously the guy was a jokester. I had a picture at the time, but it’s long gone.

  4. The ***** are really stupid when it comes to ruining any real sports car, or any car for that manner. I saw some really stupid custom work done on different cars the two years l was working in Saudi Arabia.

  5. WTF!!! this ass hole needs to be kicked in the balls and relieved of his C6, what kind of horses ass would do something like that. Moron

  6. It would have been easier, less costly, provided far more power and a better overall result to just add the turbo or a blower to the LS-7. Could easily reach 800 hp, and sound much better than the turboed Toyota. What a putz!

  7. The idiot deserves to have his Blogger subscription burned in the town square, along with the Corvette he turned into crap. I’m sorry, I made a statement previously whereby I stated “to each his own.” I take that back. Idiots shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions when it comes to Corvettes.

  8. This site is very liberal what they allow guys to say, but if I printed what I really think of this, I’d probably get permanently blocked. Let’s just say I’ve never liked the ******** and like this idiot even less. He could have BOLTED ON a Edelbrock supercharger stage III kit and made more power for a lot less money and time and he wouldn’t have ruined a beautiful Corvette.

  9. AMEN. Usually after a story in Blogger has been run, and I read the comments, I let it go and never think of it again. But I do keep following the follow-up comments on this idiot, because he makes me want to go back to my old days when I could and did hurt people……..Geeeeeeeee I hate what he did to that car, and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one. Never more do I say “to each his own”, there has to be a limit to “each his own” when it comes to ruining a piece of machinery.

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