[VIDEO] Jordan Taylor’s Post Race Thoughts from Road America


[VIDEO] Jordan Taylor's Post Race Thoughts from Road America

The second best reason for having Jordan Taylor on the Corvette Racing team is having a reason to share some of his social media posts. Obviously, the first reason is that he wins…

Jordan Taylor / Twitter

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  1. Porsche and BMW Factory GTLM cars pushed to hard to try and keep C8Rs off the winner’s stand at the end of the ISMA Road America Weather Tech on Sunday 2 August 2020. They both over estimated the abilities of their cars in a heavy rain shower. One BMW and Two Porsche sailed off the track during the storm in Wisconsin!

  2. Would have been nice to have had TV footage showing the the #24 BMW and #911 Porsche sailing off the track while the #3 C8R, which was between them, and the #4 C8R, which was behind them, carried on through!

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