[VIDEO] IndyCar Racer Josef Newgarden Tours the Corvette Assembly Plant


[VIDEO] IndyCar Racer Josef Newgarden Tours the Corvette Assembly Plant

Back in February before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the USA, IndyCar racer Josef Newgarden toured the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green, KY where he would have the opportunity to see his own personal mid-engine Corvette being built.

Josef tours the factory with the plant’s communications manager Rachel Bagshaw and we see a bit of the inside of the administration building first before heading out onto the assembly plant floor.

Throughout the walk, we see the various assembly stations as well as automated vehicles moving parts around by following a magnetic paint stripe on the floor. Josef also has the opportunity to talk with the workers and I always believed that was the best part of any factory tour.

Throughout the tour, Josef has some jokes including talking about the various music being played by the workers. When asked what tunes are played at the Penske shop, Josef replies, “We don’t. There’s no music allowed in the Penske shop.”

[VIDEO] IndyCar Racer Josef Newgarden Tours the Corvette Assembly Plant

Finally, we get to the end of the tour where his personal 2020 Corvette Stingray is waiting for him and the look on his face when he starts it up for the first time is priceless. His personal ride is an Arctic White Z51 Coupe with 3LT and he jokes that he selected nearly every accessory offered because, why not! After posing for some photos and taking it all in, he wraps it all up. It’s a rare look inside the plant, so check it out!

This was (I do believe) the first public YouTube video showing the C8 Corvettes under construction at the assembly plant and it also provides a view of what the public might see if they can ever get the tours up and running again.

Congratulations on the new Corvette, Josef!

Josef Newgarden / YouTube

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  1. Interesting. Because the factory is currently closed for tours, Those of us who paid $995 extra on our C8 purchase , which included a factory tour, now just get a voucher for the tour at some future date. Most of the people that bought the R8C option (museum delivery) live hundreds or even thousands of miles from the museum, and another expensive trip is not worth the expense to just tour the factory.
    Gm has a strange way to treat customers.

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