[PICS] First Zeus Bronze 2020 Corvette Arrives at Kerbeck


[PICS] First Zeus Bronze 2020 Corvette Arrives at Kerbeck

Zeus Bronze, along with Rapid Blue and Accelerate Yellow are the three new colors added to the 2020 Corvette’s exterior color palette. Because these colors are new, they were slated to start production after the more popular colors like Torch Red, Black, and Arctic White. Now that that production has restarted following the COVID-19 shutdowns, some of the rarer 2020 colors are just now making it out to dealers where they will be delivered to their waiting customers.

With the C8 Corvette being out since July 18, 2019, it’s easy to think that people have seen all the colors in person, especially those that work at dealerships, but that’s not the case. We had to visit a number of shows last year (7/18/19 Reveal, Carlisle, NCM) as well as the Rolex 24 at Daytona this year to eventually see all 12 colors in the flesh.

Despite being the No. 1 Corvette dealer in the world, our friends at Kerbeck had yet to see Zeus Bronze in person until their first customer car showed up this week on an auto transport. Dave Salvatore from Kerbeck shared these photos of the unique color on the KCorvette Forum and asked for opinions:

First, before you ask, this car is already sold. However, it is our first Zeus Bronze so I figured I post a few pics. I’ve got to tell you, I like it a lot more than I thought I was going to. What do you guys think?

[PICS] First Zeus Bronze 2020 Corvette Arrives at Kerbeck

Depending on who you talk with, they will either love or hate this color. I have appreciated Zeus Bronze from the first day I saw it sparkling in the sun at the Corvette Museum and having the color paired with the Pewter accessory wheel would be the color combo of choice. But as much as I like the color, I know that if I had my choice when ordering a C8 Corvette, Zeus Bronze would not be it.

This Metallic shade will always be a niche color and we don’t expect the color to rise above 3% of production like other niche colors previously offered. Currently, both Accelerate Yellow and Zeus Bronze are at bottom of the 2020 color charts according to the release of production stats from the Virtual NCM Bash in May. So for those of you who are ordering the color will have a C8 that’s a bit different and a much rares color than all the others out there.

[PICS] First Zeus Bronze 2020 Corvette Arrives at Kerbeck

Kerbeck / Corvette Forum

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  1. I’m a person who is out of my mind waiting for the Conv to start. My mouth waters every time I see one. I hope I’m nere the beginning of the line I never thought I would wish a month of summer to pass quickly patiently waiting out of conn

  2. Zeus Bronze is an interesting name and color. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I wonder why it was ever created. For it to work, the proper wheels are rather important. Some speculate that the color won’t last. If the color lasts, its fine with me. In car colors, the one color I abhor is red, except on Ferrari’s. There are so many red Ferrari’s that when I was way younger I thought that Ferrari’s only came in red. As a C8 onwer, the specific colors I considered were Arctic White, Rapid Blue, Blade Silver, and very briefly, Accelerate Yellow. Black is too difficult to keep clean and picks up heat too readily. Although the Corvette looks outstanding in Torch Red (It’d be really cool, if the name were actually changed to, “Corvette Red,” although from a marketing standpoint, I see why that’s not a good idea.) Elkheart Lake Blue looks really good as does the dark gray color as well as the so called, “Ceramic Matrix Gray Metallic,” (actually not the longest named color). The back story is that I first ordered on January 22, 2020, a Rapid Blue Convertible. I became squeamish about the color as a personal choice and changed that to Blade silver as I optioned the Convertible with LT3/Z51 with 98% or every option you could get except perhaps the engine carbon package, possibly not available on the convertible as one can’t see it. In the end, April 12 and 13 was my lucky day as an LT2/Z51 package with most carbon and performance options was found at a dealer reasonably close to my house. It was optioned in the major areas with components that I like. It also had three options I wasn’t fond of: Center carbon flash racing stripes; Trident gray machine face wheels; and body color accents; and the LT3 Racing Seats. However, I decided that I could eliminate the dual racing stripes and the body color accents paint and the Racing Seats, eventually, if I didn’t like them. Further, I hadn’t thought that I liked the high wing spoiler. I grown to accept the Trident wheels, for now. I’ve become accustomed to the high wing spoiler and think it looks kind of neat. I will never be able to drive this car to its stock capabilities, let alone with performance upgrades. The car: I’ve not only become accustomed with the Ceramic Matrix Gray Metallic paint, I actually now like it. Taste and likes and loves make up how people select colors and the combinations that goes with them. I’m very happy, as it turned out with my all black interior and black Z51 brakes and seat belts and the white contrast stitching, the car came with. The yellow color was just too, “washed out,” a shade for me to be able to want to look at it, every day. AF

  3. I like it. I can see it just looking brown on cloudy days. I agree the pewter wheels would make this car stand out. Looks like the customer got the natural interior. That’s about the only interior color that would work with this exterior. Personally I like the body colored accents better. I’d like to see a metallic copper offered on the new Vette. Saw an older Vette in that color and it really looked good.

  4. I love the color from day one, I want to order the convertible, zeus/black/black stripe, & wheels, #3pkg.

  5. Lovely color. Needs to be in bright sun to pop. It’s a refined, rich/warm color. I personally don’t want my car to demand people look at it with a very saturated color. This is pretty perfect. Agree you want to match it with the right wheels. Thinking that bright wheels are going to be best though some my prefer dark wheels.

  6. It has a gentleman’s cruiser look. So, in the USA, it won’t sell well….. lol…. Harry High School bright and deadpan black always wins in the leader of bad taste , Vegas mentality .

  7. Definitely my first choice when I end up ordering my C-8 convertible next year (if it is still offered)…..I wish I could get an Atomic Orange C-8 as I believe with all my heart that it is the prettiest color ever offered. When I was a kid growing up in Chicago in the ’60’s-’70’s, the family car was a 1969 Buick Lesabre painted Antique Gold, close to Zeus Bronze, but a little darker…..only problem was that the car didn’t have AC, and I swear, that was the HOTTEST vehicle I have ever driven/ridden in during the summer months, my dad eventually had an aftermarket AC unit installed, that helped, but it was still warm, especially when I inherited/bought the car and moved to central New Mexico, just south of Albuquerque…..ahhhh, those were the days!!!!!!!!

  8. I liked the Zeus Bronze when I first saw it but hesitated to order a Corvette in that color until I actually saw it in person; the Corvette configurator doesn’t do it justice. However, I went ahead and ordered one last August. Then, after seeing a Cadillac CTS-V at SEMA, in Cadillac’s limited edition version of that same color, I decided I’d made a good decision. I ordered a Zeus Bronze Z51 coupe with body colored accents and spoiler, in 3LT trim level, with GT2 seats and pewter wheels. The interior was natural and black, rather than smothered. Unfortunately, my order never made it past the 1100 stage so it’s been cancelled and I’m looking forward to a 2021 in the same color. It’s a little disappointing since I wanted a first year C8 in Zeus Bronze to go with my first year C3, a 1968 in Corvette Bronze Both are limited volume colors… and beautiful.

  9. I purchased one of the first Zeus Bronze C8’s from Kerbeck. My car is an3LT with the Tan / Neutral interir and Silver Trident Wells, an absolutely beautiful combination. I have received MANY positive comments about this car. THANK YOU Joe Zulli !

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