[ACCIDENT] Police Interceptor SUV Catches Speeding Corvette After It Leaves the Road


[ACCIDENT] Police Interceptor SUV Catches Speeding Corvette After It Leaves the Road

Is the outcome of this police chase a case of life imitating a meme?

Officer: Do you know why I pulled you over?
Corvette Driver: Because I let you?

A dash camera captures the moment a red C5 Corvette Coupe passes a motorist at a high rate of speed in the left lane of an unnamed Texas highway. It’s not until another 20 seconds or so that a Police Interceptor SUV with lights and sirens blazing in pursuit of the Red Corvette passes the same motorist.

While not expressly rooting for the Corvette driver, the only thing that should have caught him at that rate of travel is a radio transmission alerting other officers in the area to the speeding scofflaw. Instead, it was a combination of the driver’s lack of skill while being overly reliant on the Corvette’s ability to quickly get him out of whatever situation he was fleeing that led to his capture.

Unfortunately for the Corvette driver (or fortunately for the pursuing LEO), the highway narrowed to one lane with road construction barrels dotting the right-hand lane. It appears the Corvette struck one of those barrels which sent the car into a spin in the grass just before an overpass. As our dashcam-equipped motorist approaches the scene, we see the police SUV has finally captured his man!

We don’t know what happens next, but we can imagine the Corvette driver spending some time reflecting on that high-speed chase while silently cursing a certain roadside barrel as a guest of a Texas Law Enforcement Agency.


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