Speeders Face Stiff Penalties After Being Caught Well Over Posted Limit in Ontario


Speeders Face Stiff Penalties After Being Caught Well Over Posted Limit in Ontario

Photo Credit: OPP East Region

In case you didn’t know, yesterday was the last day of Canada Road Safety Week.

From May 12 to May 18, all enforcement agencies across the country are invited to actively participate in the campaign and encourage citizens in their respective communities to adopt safe driving practices.

Sounds like at least three drivers didn’t receive the memo about Road Safety Week, however.

The Ontario Provincial Police took their mission to heart on Saturday, removing three unsafe drivers from the road after serious speeding violations.

One Leeds and Grenville OPP officer completed a double play, so to speak, when he nabbed a red C7 Corvette and a dark gray McLaren after catching them with their pedals to the metal.

As the OPP put it in a tweet that showed the McLaren already sitting on a rollback and the Corvette getting ready to be: “One traffic stop, two customers!”

Police say the McLaren was going 153 kilometers per hour (95 miles per hour) in the passing lane of Highway 401. After it “darted to the driving lane,” the red Corvette behind it sped up to 205 kmh (127 mph).

Not only are the drivers facing stunt driving charges, they also had their cars impounded for a week and received seven-day license suspensions.

Meanwhile, in a similar case, Ottawa OPP say they nabbed a driver going nearly double the legal limit Saturday – 182 kmh (113 mph) in a 100 kmh (62 mph) zone on Highway 417 in Ottawa.

A subsequent check of the driver’s record revealed he already had a lifetime driving suspension and other lesser suspensions. Even worse, he was hauling kids with him when caught this time.

This driver had his vehicle impounded for 45 days and also received a court date. Of course, with his license already suspended, what more can the police do other than maybe put him in jail?


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  1. This was hardly stunt driving. The person in the Corvette was just trying to get a look at the McLaren!
    It’s safe to say that both of the offenders are safer at 200 km/h than the Ontario Provincial Police car is at 120 km/h.
    A ticket for sure: however, towing and being charged with stunt driving tells me that this particular officer was a jerk or one of, or both of the drivers had a smart mouth.

  2. Back in the late eighties I traveled the 401 from Michigan through Toronto regularly to visit the GM auto plants who were my customers. The closer one was to Toronto the faster traffic moved. Once in Toronto and environs, the average speed of those in the center lanes was commonly at 95 MPH! The economy being poor at this time must be forcing the OPP to increase the number of tickets issued!

  3. As a C7-1LT corvette owner, 100+ mph is what this car was built for. Unfortunately there are few stretches of super-slab in the U.S. to exercise the ‘vettes’ capabilities to the max without getting stopped by a LEO. Montana and South Dakota are possibilities. The Mclaren is a race-bred super car made street legal, that is capable of, and designed to safely speed 200+ mph, albeit with a driver who knows how to handle this speed. Obviously not wise or safe to speed on roadway with traffic. These two took the risk and lost.

  4. The ticket and impound fees are bad enough, but wait til there insurance company
    finds out ! (rates will triple )….

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