[VIDEO] Sigala Designs C8RR Corvette Widebody Kit Coming in Fall of 2020


[PICS] Sigala Designs C8RR Corvette Widebody Kit Coming in Fall of 2020

Photo Credits: Sigala Designs

There’s no doubt that the C8 Corvette Stingray is just begging to be customized by owners.

Ernie Sigala of Sigala Designs has been busy over the past few months and has just unveiled a rendering showing his widebody kit for the Stingray called the C8RR, coming this fall.

We love the look of the stock C8 but have always wished the designers had pushed the envelope further. Maybe it’s the boy racer in us, but we love the look of this kit.

[PICS] Sigala Designs C8RR Corvette Widebody Kit Coming in Fall of 2020

Included in the 32-piece package, the cost of which is said to be “coming soon,” are:

  • Sigala Vented Hood
  • Front Bumper Extensions
  • Sigala Front Lip Extended
  • Twin Front Splitter Extensions
  • Sigala Wide Body Fenders
  • Side Skirt Extensions (2)
  • Side Splitter Extensions (4)
  • Wide Body Quarter Panels (4)
  • Rear Diffuser (1)
  • Rear Bumper Extensions (2)
  • Rear Winglets (2)
  • Hi Rise Wing (3 pcs)
  • RR Roof
  • RR Halo
  • RR Rear Hatch Extensions (2)
  • Engine Vents

The kits, which can be pre-ordered now at www.sigaladesigns.com, are available in Full FRP (Fiberglass), Full Carbon Fiber, and Partial Carbon Fiber/FRP (Fiberglass). You can also preview the C8RR kit with a variety of colors that include Torch Red, White, Black, Blue, Silver, Orange and Green.

No word on the cost of the custom wheels and aftermarket exhaust in the rendering, as well as the LED light strips and brake calipers painted in Italy’s colors.

[PICS] Sigala Designs C8RR Corvette Widebody Kit Coming in Fall of 2020E

In case you don’t want to go this wild or can’t afford such extravagance right now, Sigala also offers some pretty nifty and reasonably priced upgrades by the piece for all C8s, including:

  • Carbon Fiber Door Molding – $799.99
  • Carbon Fiber Quarter Panel Molding – $799.99
  • Carbon Fiber Roof Panel – $1,299.99
  • Carbon Fiber Mirror Triangle Bezels – $349.99
  • Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Grille Insert Bezels – $999.99
  • Carbon Fiber Rocker Panel Extension Kit – $599.99
  • Carbon Fiber Mirror Kit (Caps) – $549.99
  • Carbon Fiber Engine Appearance Package – $799.99
  • Carbon Fiber Front Splitter – $799.99
  • Carbon Fiber Engine Cover – $549.99
  • Carbon Fiber Engine Cover Molding – $279.99
  • Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Emblem – $139.99
  • Carbon Fiber Rear Stingray Emblem – $139.99

[PICS] Sigala Designs C8RR Corvette Widebody Kit Coming in Fall of 2020E

The company also posted this video showing the design work behind the creation of the C8RR widebody kit to their YouTube channel:

Like all Corvettes, the C8 has a wild and distinctive style all of its own but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t turn up the heat more with our new design… We introduce to you the new Corvette C8RR Widebody Kit! Coming Fall 2020

Sigala Designs

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  1. I like it. It makes the C8 look more aggressive. I think the raised wing helps to make the overall car more balanced

  2. Really looking forward to what Chevrolet has in store for the C8 G/S and Z06 models… Hopefully, some of what we’re seeing here will carry over. Wide and Low!!! Yes, bring it….JB

  3. Yes nice kit really makes the car stand out ,also that is great green color for that car love the whole appearance.

  4. I think there are a bunch of really great design/styling features incorporated in the rendering. Two that I find lacking in modern aero design are the “Super Bird and Dodge Daytona” style rear wing and the other, are the side grille bars that need to be more prominent and wrap around the front fenders with the “dive plane” style fenderlets that would blend and provide more frontal downforce to balance the larger rear wing. JMHO.

  5. Simply awful. It degrades the OE design, which isn’t that great to begin with. No improvement here.

  6. If your objective is to be different, then this is for you.
    If you think this improves the appearance of OEM C8 then I’m sorry, I don’t think it does.

  7. Overall I like it but I don’t like the rear wing. I think it needs a rear wing that looks more like the one on the C8.R race car.

  8. Larry, you’re right, as in the case of this modified 2020 C8, these hood vents are purely aesthetic. Future higher performance C8s e.g Z06 may require additional cooling vents (engine and/or front brakes) similar to the McLaren 720S. https://st.motortrend.com/uploads/sites/5/2017/03/2018-McLaren-720S-lead.jpg
    Another potential use is similar to the hood naca ducts used on the GT3RS for front brake cooling…of course the car was designed to accommodate, not some aftermarket parts and pieces.
    However, as you’re saying… for the current C8…it’s just looks cool (to some).

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