C8 Corvette Widebody Rendered with a Split Rear Wing and More


C8 Corvette Widebody Rendered with a Split Rear Wing and More

Photo Credit: Karan Adivi / Instagrarm

We recently caught wind of a wild C8 widebody render posted to Instagram by Karan Adivi. It is so well done that we wanted to share it with Corvette Nation and point out some of the better design elements.

The first thing that jumps out at you is the Ferrari FXX-K-esque split rear wing(s). We think they add a lot to an already nicely updated rear ¾. Moving down from the wings, we also like the look of the carbon fiber rear diffuser and center-exit exhaust which is flanked by the upside-down fins, or if you’ll allow another Ferrari reference, “Side Nodlers.”

The stance and wheel size are a bit cartoonish but we do appreciate the style of the wheels which add some flair where the two stock wheel choices have disappointed some potential customers.

Moving around front, we are also digging the deep, aggressively grooved hood that flows into the signature “reverse mohawk” in the roof panel.

Finally, the pièce de résistance has to be the floating front fenders that follow from the bottom line of the headlights up to the top of one of our favorite vents from behind the front wheel arch on the C8.R.

There are four photos in this series so use the arrow buttons below in the Instagram post to cycle through them:

Check out more of Karan Adivi’s designs on Instagram.com


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  1. I definately dig the split rear wing. The rest of excessive. Too many sharp edges on the C8 as it is. Curvier is sexier!

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