[VIDEO] LG Motorsports Shows Off New Exhaust Systems for the 2020 Corvette


[VIDEO] LG Motorsports Shows Off New Exhaust Systems for the 2020 Corvette

Photo Credits: LG Motorsports

One of the few complaints we’ve heard about the new C8 Corvette is that it’s almost too quiet for some people’s taste.

If you want to add more volume and tone to your 2020 Stingray’s exhaust sound, you can get an earful at LG Motorsports’ Facebook page.

The Texas-based company has released a video showing what a stock C8 exhaust sounds like compared to LG Motorsports’ soon-to-be-released exhaust.

Exhaust notes are rather subjective, and we honestly like both the stock and LG versions. It’s probably just a matter of how much money you want to invest in your C8 to get it sounding just right to your ears.

LG Motorsports, of course, has a long history with Corvettes, with its products having been in the Corvette Challenge Series, Trans Am, Grand Am Series, World Challenge, and American Le Mans GT2 division races.

[VIDEO] LG Motorsports Shows Off New Exhaust Systems for the 2020 Corvette

Their new exhaust for the C8 isn’t specifically made for the racetrack, but it does add some more punch to the sound of the new Stingray for those who think it’s missing something. Of course, all that glorious sound doesn’t come cheap. LG Motorsports says a complete exhaust package for the C8 will be $4,995.95, and combines the LG C8 Street Series Headers with their Cat-Back Exhaust “to give you the power and sound you crave from your C8 Corvette.”

The Cat-Back Exhaust System by itself is $2,595.95 and features:

  • Quad 4″ Polished Round Tips
  • Smooth Bends for Optimal Flow (since the company says tight bends at or leading up to the X will cause gasses to collide and slow flow substantially)
  • Siamese Style X
  • 3″ T304 Construction
  • Mandrel Bent
  • No Drone
  • Increased Sound
  • More Power!

You can pre-order now at their website – LG Motorsports.

It’s perfect timing for new C8 owners who may be looking to individualize their cars and hopefully will begin receiving their Stingrays over the next few weeks as the factory cranks up again in Bowling Green next Tuesday.

LG Motorsports via musclecarsandtrucks.com

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  1. It is always nice to see an aftermarket company make a little money off the introduction of a new automobile model that by making it louder tell you they are making it better, and faster also. The European manufacturers face new stricter noise regulation that hold the other 99% of people as more important then the 1% that wants to rattle your windows at 2:00 AM. We have rules here also and unlike the the after market companies our car manufacturers have to follow the rules and make vehicles that everyone can live with. You don’t need to be rude or loud to go fast, and no one is taking their C8 to Le Mans with this exhaust, not even the C8R team. So if you want to be loud get the exhaust but it won’t make the C8 better then the Corvette engineers did from the factory.

  2. My Ceramic Matrix Grey 3LT Vin 422 with performance exhaust option is IMHO PERFECT! On cold start in sport or track mode sounds like a top fuel dragster! Nice but might get old. By the time I back out of the garage, it settles down to a beautiful throaty purr. Again in sport or track mode, upon “ gunning “ it, the tremendous tremec DCT runs through the gears like a fluid concert. At 1600 miles from NCM delivery on March 17, this car is perfect! ( I’ve owned over 25 vettes) in my 64 year run. I was initially disappointed to not have a manual shift, ( my other cars are an NSX and Ferrari 328, and 74 Pantera) I’m convinced as to why manuals are great, but a thing of the past. I wish i had ordered two of these C-8’s!

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