[ACCIDENT] C7 Corvette Lands on its Roof in Single Car Crash in Canada


[ACCIDENT] C7 Corvette Lands on its Roof in Single Car Crash in Canada

Photo Credit: Nathan Ritchie

The world turned upside down for the owner of this C7 Corvette last week, literally.

The car, apparently a 2019 Grand Sport, wound up on its top after an accident on April 16 in the town of Kamloops in British Columbia, Canada.

“I knew it was a brand new Corvette,” said Troy Grant, platoon captain with Kamloops Fire Rescue. “All I can say is it left the road and ended up on the roof.”

The Shadow Gray Corvette sheared a fire hydrant during the accident, which happened about 6:30 p.m. at 1450 Springhill Drive.

Fortunately, by the time first responders arrived, the driver and passenger had already climbed out of the Corvette and didn’t require any treatment after being examined by paramedics.

“Rescue One determined no one was trapped in the car, both occupants were standing on the sidewalk, and fire crews made sure the car was fire safe,” Grant says.


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