[PIC] C8 Corvette Rendered Low and Wide by Instagram Designer


[PIC] C8 Corvette Rendered Low and Wide by Instagram Designer

If you like your Corvettes “low and wide”, this rendering from @MonacoAutoDesign via Instagram should be right up your alley!

Brian Monaco is the designer behind this render and he explains that it was actually purposed first on the C7 Corvette and then decided to move it over to the C8 platform.

We especially like the aggressive look of the redesigned front fascia which is opened up to receive more airflow than the stock C8s. The front corners of the widebody are tapered which reveals the Corvette’s front tires and to us, that harkens a retro feeling especially with the vents on top of the frunk and the low splitter that’s just centimeters off the tarmac.

We ran through the @monacoautodesign timeline and while we saw other examples of the mid-engine Corvette, we do not see a continuation of this project where we could see the side or rear. As we are really liking what Brian has come up with so far so hopefully we get to see more of this low and wide Corvette.

From @monacoautodesign via Instagram:

Low and Wide C8 Corvette 😱 What do you think? I actually designed this kit for the C7 a little while back, figured to see what it would look like on the new C8 with some subtle tweaks and additions, although I would still like to design its own kit for it. Been a while since I’ve worked on some personal fun projects, feels good!

@monacoautodesign / Instagram

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