[VIDEO] The Stradman Tests the Top Speed of the 2020 Corvette in Both Forward and Reverse Gears


[VIDEO] Stradman Tests the Top Speed of the 2020 Corvette in Both Forward and Reverse Gears

The Stradman is back and I hope you can keep up with him as there is a lot of action in his latest youtube video featuring his 2020 Corvette Stingray. He’s somewhat of an acquired taste so if you want to jump ahead to the action, it starts just after the four-minute mark.

Most of the video features him and his girlfriend Tessa making top speed runs in the Arctic White Z51 Coupe. Those runs were made out in the desert on hard-packed clay but with empty miles in front of them, they are able to reach speeds of over 170 mph.

For a bit of an interlude, the Stradman plays frisbee while driving the car. And in case you are wondering just what the top speed of the C8 Corvette is in reverse, it’s 31 mph.

From TheStradman via YouTube:

TheStradman / YouTube

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  1. Not really impressed with reported actual performance of 2020. Top speed of 171 in this vid but there are many youtube vides of both C5 & C6 models hitting 184-186mph on highway. Same with Qtr mile times, have not seen anyone get very close to Chevy spec.. While it’s still a great performance vehicle for the price, I think Chevy oversold the performance. No, not a Vette hater. Had an ’08 Z51 for 6 yrs and still have ’16 Z06, vin #43.

  2. Go C8 I just have to wait on mine so thank you for showing me what I have to look forward to, I enjoyed it.

  3. I couldn’t watch this video. Geez, stop drinking Redbull. You don’t need anymore caffeine, dude.

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