[VIDEO] YouTuber’s 2020 Corvette Vandalized on Day 1 of Ownership


[VIDEO] YouTuber's 2020 Corvette Vandalized on Day 1 of Ownership

Now that the first of the mid-engine Corvettes have reached customers, we’re seeing all kinds of “firsts” for the newest supercar.

The latest “first” comes to us from popular car YouTuber The Stradman, whose C8 ownership got off to a rocky start thanks to a sticky-handed thief.

No, they didn’t steal his Arctic White 2020 Corvette, but someone did rip off his temporary 60-day license plate off the rear of the car, with just a few miles showing on the odometer.

“I cannot believe this is actually happening, day one of C8 Corvette ownership,” says The Stradman, who has more than 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube. “We’re not off to the best start. Somebody’s already vandalized the car! They ripped off the 60-day temporary tag (and) broke the license plate frame. I’m assuming they’re gonna put it on their own car illegally.”

The Stradman heads back to Bachman Chevrolet to see if they can reissue him another temp plate.

No problem.

Shortly after arriving, a dealership employee notifies police, then puts the new tag on The Stradman’s Corvette, surrounded by a fresh Bachman Chevy frame.

Fortunately, The Stradman says he’s had no other problems with his new Corvette, and he’s quickly off on a 15 hour, 42 minute and 1,089 mile drive to Miami, Fla.

Along the way, he’s feeling pretty special in his new Stingray … before he pulls into a KFC in Kentucky and parks next to a Torch Red 2020 convertible. He also sees a truckload of 10 new C8s going down the road, headed to their excited owners. So much for exclusivity, huh?

During the trip, The Stradman passes the 500-mile mark, pushing the red line RPMs up to 6500 (after being limited to 4500), though it does take a few seconds for the switch to show up on his instrument panel. He also has a few problems with launch control but finally figures it out and manages a 0-60 time of 3.4 seconds.

Calling the C8 “better than advertised,” The Stradman says you cannot beat the 2020 Stingray for the money, adding that Chevy has “knocked it out of the park.”

Oh, one more note from The Stradman. Early in his video, he shows the odometer at 10 miles and his MPGs at a measly 1.9. Guess it’s gonna be very hard to keep the heavy foot off the accelerator!

We’re looking forward to seeing more of The Stradman’s adventures in his new mid-engine Corvette.


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  1. As obnoxious as this dude is…why am I not surprised! And how bright do you have to be to understand the low redline on a brand new car? “Hmm…why can this car do 7,000 RPM?”

  2. Ripping off the 60-day temp tag & breaking a $1.50 license plate frame hardly qualifies as “Vandalized”. C’mon, Mitch…you’re better than having to resort to clickbait!

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