[VIDEO] Exotic Rental Company Tracks Down and Recovers Stolen Corvette


[VIDEO] Exotic Rental Company Tracks Down and Recovers Stolen Corvette

Many of you fellow enthusiasts out there are paranoid about just getting a tiny nick on the front bumper of your Corvette or even letting a little rainfall dampen the fiberglass.

Imagine the anguish you would have felt if the C7 in this YouTube video were yours!

YouTuber Royalty Exotic Cars recently loaned out their Torch Red C7 Corvette coupe to a fellow who then apparently further loaned it out to a friend who neglected to return the vehicle on time.

Since YouTuber Royalty used to be a repossession agent, as he politely calls it, it’s no big deal for him and a muscular friend to go pick up the vehicle on their own.

“We’re not gonna need the muscle today,” Royalty says optimistically, ” because (cough) three cars have been stolen from me at three different times, and I’m telling you right now, it’s kind of an interesting thing because when you go there, especially when you lock it on the back of the truck and you’re like, yeah, I’m getting my car back, they usually just hand you the keys because no one wants to go to jail, they just wanted that free 24-hour rental.”

[VIDEO] Exotic Rental Company Tracks Down and Recovers Stolen Corvette

Thanks to GPS, the Royalty team is quickly able to track down the missing Corvette in the parking lot of a local Walmart, where the drama quickly intensifies, however.

So much for just handing the keys over to Royalty. The “second borrower” refuses to give the keys back but insists he’ll hand them over if they’ll either let him drive the car home or give him a ride there – which he says at different times in the video is either two or three blocks away home.

The guy climbs into the tow truck at that point but jumps out and walks away after being threatened with calling the police. They follow him, still hopeful of getting the key fob back, but with no success. After trying to get a ride with a random stranger in front of the store, he comes back to the tow truck and gets in again.

By this time, the Corvette had already been loaded on the back of the tow truck, and Royalty and crew reluctantly decide to just suffer through the profanity and take the guy home. Once there, he climbs out and they quickly pull away, the guy still mumbling away.

[VIDEO] Exotic Rental Company Tracks Down and Recovers Stolen Corvette

Royalty then proceeds to talk about the day’s events and how they could have perhaps taken a violent twist if cooler heads hadn’t prevailed.

“In every situation just like this, it is so easy to just lose your cool and go crazy, but that moment, someone could have died, this guy here could have died, everybody could have gone down,” he says. “I have no issues protecting myself, but at the end of the day, he definitely didn’t pose a threat, he was just annoying.”

Fortunately, in the end, they were able to get their Corvette back, albeit with considerable damage.

The guy that actually rented the car in the first place was a lot more responsible than his friend, Royalty says. “I will now file an insurance claim on his insurance because of all these damages – the windshield’s broken, the tires are flat, there’s crap all over the interior.”

Not to mention the cracks in the fancy carbon fiber front spoiler.

But at least all parties are still alive, ready for another day of exotic car rental.


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  1. If there ever was a guy who deserved getting his ass handed to him for being stupid and annoying it was the guy wearing the # 27 “WHITE” jersey. What a friggen imbecile. I guess the car rental business isn’t all peaches and cream.

  2. This is ridicules, if you go to pick up a car, and you find you are dealing with some Macho, Neandertahl A-Hole, the first think you do is call the police, to keep the peace. If he starts giving the police a bunch of crap, and they have to neutralize the situation, then its on them. If the guy gets shot in the process, then it wasn’t your doing. You get your car back and you protect yourself.

  3. Wow !!!!! I wonder what liberal think tank he works for to earn that $500K a year salary?!! Definitely a product of Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society”. Maybe we will see this genius on an episode of “Homicide Hunter” in the
    near future.

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