[STOLEN] Police Recover a Bright Yellow 1979 Corvette Eight Hours After It’s Reported Stolen


[STOLEN] Police Recover Bright Yellow 1979 Corvette Eight Hours After Reported Stolen

File Photo Credit: CorvetteImages.com

If you were going to steal a Corvette, perhaps next time you might want to go for one a little less flashy than a Bright Yellow 1979 Corvette as this car thief in Kentucky found out the hard way.

Laurel County Sheriff’s Office received a report of the stolen 1979 Corvette valued at approximately $22,000 early on Wednesday morning. Developing a number of leads and with the assistance of Kentucky State Police, Detective Kevin Berry was able to track down and recover the stolen Corvette just eight hours later.

The Corvette was located at a service station nine miles north of London, KY at Exit 49 and Interstate 75. A female suspect was located nearby and the keys to the stolen Corvette were found in her possession.

[STOLEN] Police Recover Bright Yellow 1979 Corvette Eight Hours After Its Reported Stolen

Diane McQueen (52) was arrested in London, KY and charged with the “theft by unlawful taking” of an auto valued over $10,000. She was also charged on three failure to appear warrants as well.

Also arrested on unrelated charges was Tonya Proffitt (51) of East Bernstadt, KY.

Laurel County Sheriff’s Office

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  1. She had the keys? Was this yet another case of a car being stolen after it was left running with the keys in it?

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