[STOLEN] Michigan Police Recover a 1981 Corvette Stolen 38 Years Ago


[STOLEN] Michigan Police Recover a 1981 Corvette Stolen 38 Years Ago

Don’t ever give up hope.

That’s the lesson to be learned in Livonia, Michigan, where a blue 1981 Corvette stolen in Pontiac, Michigan in 1981 was recently discovered.

It took some serious detective work on the part of the Livonia Police Department to do it, however.

Mike Henderson reported the suspicious vehicle in his neighborhood to police a couple of weeks ago.

“Not having a license plate and hadn’t moved in several weeks,” fueled Henderson’s suspicions.

Police came to the scene and tagged the vehicle as abandoned and days later had it towed to a facility, where subsequent investigation by Detective Anthony Hall led to the realization that the Vehicle Identification Number had been modified since the theft. Thanks to his special auto theft investigation training, however, Hall knew where to find another confidential secondary VIN elsewhere on the car and discovered it had been reported stolen 38 years ago.

Unfortunately, the Pontiac Police Department no longer exists, so multiple agencies are now trying to locate the real owner to return the vehicle to him or her.

The detective says the car has covered just 10,000 miles.

“Where has it gone? What’s it done in that period of time?” he wonders.

Hopefully, he’ll soon be able to reunite the now-classic, but virtually-new-when-stolen Corvette with its owner.


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  1. I can’t imagine the insurance company would or could recover the payoff from 38 years ago… I’m assuming it’s a write off, but then again the way some insurance companies are…I wonder? Knowing my luck…I’d be getting a knock on the door. LoL!!

  2. Its no secret that there are 3 vins on the corvette one is the vin tag one is the frame# and the last is the engine vin. No need to b a auto theft specialist to know this.

  3. It belongs to the insurance company. ’73 through ’81 are the dead years. If it had been mine, I wouldn’t even want it back. Obviously the thief didn’t want it either.

  4. I sold 69 Camaro to my friend when I elisited in the Army 30 years ago. He never paid me for, I never found him or the car. Where should I start. Thanks

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