RUMOR: C8 Corvettes Could Start Shipping to Dealers on Friday


RUMOR: C8 Corvettes Could Start Shipping to Dealers on Friday

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Before I say anything…please, please please don’t be calling your dealers and asking where your Corvette is because CorvetteBlogger says they are shipping on Friday. These guys and girls are busy enough as it is and they will be notified of the impending deliveries and then they will contact the appropriate customers to schedule their delivery appointments.

Over the last few days, we’ve had two credible sources telling us that the 2020 Corvette Stingrays will begin shipping on Friday, which means the first possible customer deliveries could start happening next week. Chevrolet hasn’t yet confirmed any timeframes other than saying customer deliveries are slated to start in late February and early March. So far they haven’t changed those statements.

We also note that the National Corvette Museum’s famous “Corvette Boulevard” looks to be preparing for its role in displaying completing Corvettes that will be delivered to customers via the R8C program. We see the C6.R simulator has been removed and the floors look like they have been polished:

National Corvette Museum

So far we have heard that Chevrolet has built at least 1,250 new C8 Corvettes based on customers reporting receipt of their VINs. It will take a bit of time to get those cars to the dealers so please be patient as you wait for your call to come.

Chevrolet has promised to step up their game in terms of communicating with customers. If you hear from Chevrolet in the next few days about the delivery of your new 2020 Corvette, let us know!

Friday is just a couple days away and you know we’ll be watching for reports of trucks leaving the Corvette Assembly Plant!

Here’s an Estimated Timeline of Events for the C8 Corvette
First Customer Deliveries of the 2020 Corvette Slated For End of February
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  1. Getting closer. They tell me that my build week is 3/16. Then there is Quality Control. etc., delivery to the NCM so, I could be sitting in it the first or second wee of April.

  2. Larry, right behind you with our 3-23 build week, also museum delivery. Like you, we are hoping for April delivery, maybe. Few weeks after yours. It’s getting close, placed our order on November 6, 2019 with Mike Furman, so it’s been a long road.

  3. Got a call this evening from my dealer giving me my VIN number. He said it was in transport, which is only an hour away from the plant, said he would have ETA tomorrow. I was their first customer to order the C8.

  4. My 8 was ordered early Sept 2019 thru Terry Lebonte Concord NC for museum delivery. It’s vin 422. Hopefully this isn’t more tease! Feb 10 was TPW, moved to production code 3800, museum staffers were totally in dark as of yesterday then I see this today…. a long wait hopefully worth it… I’ve been waiting for this car since the 70’s lol!!!! DrZ Arkansas

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