[VIDEO] 2020 Corvettes Lined-Up at Spring Mountain with all 12 Colors on Display


[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette's Lined-Up at Spring Mountain with all 12 Colors on Display

As we were wrapping up our day at Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club for the 2020 Corvette Stingray First Drive Event, track personnel began moving around C8 Corvettes for a Dealer function that would be happening later. Pretty soon, they had two rows of 2020 Corvettes with all 12 colors represented!

The best part is that this happened around 3pm and the sun was basking these new Corvettes with the kind of light they deserved to be viewed in. Colors with a lot of metallic really stood out. We saw the Zeus Bronze just shimmering as was Shadow Gray and Elkhart Lake Blue. The Accelerate Yellow can’t be hidden in the rear row as its presence is just too strong. Also, the Rapid Blue in the bright sun almost appears as if it has a glow on it despite its muted color.

So here’s your exterior color line-up for the 2020 Corvette! I love that Black on the end with the Silver racing stripes. Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

Video by Keith Cornett

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  1. Our C8 will be Long Beach Red Metallic tint coat. Black interior with red stitching. Also 3LT with Z51 and mag dampers FE4. Carbon dash and engine . GM is building it the week of 3-23. very hard to wait,

  2. nice colors but the black wheels just don’t do the cars justice , getting old I guess .for me every thing on the cars in black should be chrome even the front grill and the back of it too. I think you should take two cars any color one with chrome wheels one with black and see what the top choice would be.

  3. Ours is the Torch Red with the grey interior. Or is it the white interior. We are waiting patiently for a status update from the dealer. My wife is more excited about it than l am. She can tell you all of the available exterior colors and the interior colors. But she is partial to the Torch red. She didn’t know me when l owned previous vette. So you can probably understand her enthusiasm.

  4. They are just awesome!I can’t wait to see one for myself. Might be the last Corvette I ever buy.

  5. Ours is exactly the combination Richie D has ordered. 3LT, Z51. We have also elected to select the option that paints out the air-intake scoop black edging the same as the body color. With this touch, along with the other body color changes, the car has a smoother appearance. There are enough angles without the black highlighting. Like Terry Glassford we have chosen to stay with the standard or polished chromes wheels. Must be an old guy’s thing!

    Haven’t been this excited about a car in years.! Our fourth vet.

  6. i love blade silver mine will have black with red interior its also a convertible. cant wait to get it some time late April or early may.

  7. Would like to see blade silver vs artic white. Also would like to hear an exhaust comparison stock vs npp.

  8. I know right now black wheels seem to be popular but I think they look like they came from a junk yard. To me, they distract from the beauty of the vehicle. My opinion.

  9. Thank you I am glad that I don’t stand alone on black wheels . when I was a kid I would go to a junk yard get black wheels and paint then silver . funny how times change .thank you

  10. Elkhart Lake Blue with body colored trim and chrome badges! Another old guy who does not understand why young kids love splotches of black all over the car including black wheels.

  11. Chrome wheels are for Cadillac’s, they don’t belong on sports cars like the Corvette. Besides that, black looks meaner and more aggressive. And that is exactly what you need for a high performance car like the Corvette. Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren can’t be wrong since they don’t offer chrome wheels on any of the cars they produce.

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