STUDY: Manual Stick Shifts Are Even Less Popular Than EVs


STUDY: Manual Stick Shifts Are Even Less Popular than EVs

If you’re still blasting Chevy for not offering a manual transmission in the new mid-engine 2020 Corvette, here’s some news that might help you put GM’s decision in perspective.

What it boils down to is a simple matter of supply and demand.

The demand just isn’t there for manual transmissions anymore, at least according to information compiled by J.D. Power and its Power Information Network.

In fact, Green Car Reports cited that J.D. Power data to point out that sales of all-electric vehicles surpassed those of vehicles with manual transmissions for the first time ever in the United States last year.

And with EV sales of 270,000 units representing a minuscule 1.6 percent of the market last year, that’s not saying much for the demand for manual transmissions, which were installed in only 1.1 percent of vehicles in 2019.

The future doesn’t look bright for manuals, either. That 2019 figure of 1.1 percent was down considerably over 2018’s 1.6 percent.

The gap between EVs and manuals will only continue to climb, too, as General Motors and other automakers are really pushing an electrifying future.

Might be a good time to go pick up a great deal on a manual C7 if you still have a hankering to shift gears for yourself.

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  1. Buddy took his Nissan Extera with a Manual Trans to a Jiffy Lube for an oil change. Of the 12 male employees, not one could drive a stick and he wasn’t allowed to pull his vehicle in for service… Draw your own conclusions… 😢

  2. All fun and dandy until one falls through their ceiling, breaking ones back, and forever more, has no feelings in left leg, foot etc.

    Sure glad I bought my 2010 JETSTREAM BLUE, GS CONVERTIBLE, with an AUTOMATIC.

    I didn’t want to drive a manual anyway. The ever increasing traffic…ugh.

  3. I just read that Ferrari has gone to all automatics now. However…they said when they still have mostly manuals, and they went to paddle shifters to shift them…everyone was all hot on the paddle shifters, I guess because they thought they were driving an F1 car. Well now that all the new manuals are gone, guess what is the most wanted used Ferrari’s? The ones with manual transmissions..and the ones with a gear shift between the seats are the first choice…and the ones with paddle shifters are the second choice

    Looks like only the Porsche owners are the ones that still want and appreciate a manual box, when it comes to buying new cars

  4. Jan 1, 2014 – CDL restrictions severely limit your career potential (1) If an applicant performs the skills test in a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission, the State must indicate on the CDL, if issued, that the person is restricted from operating a CMV equipped with a manual transmission.

  5. Only a REAL sports car has a manual transmission. Makes a person “connect” with the power and personality of their treasured vehicle. I am proud owner of a 1999 Corvette six speed and a 2019 Grand Sport 7 speed and would have nothing else. Each to their own. Builds true character learning to drive a manual transmission. Thank you GM.

  6. I learned to drive in a 66 Chevy Pickup…3 on a tree.

    Had several “real” sportscars… with manual shift over the years.

    Thank goodness for automatics!

  7. Article data is flawed. They included all electric cars not just sports cars. Take out the Nissan Leafs, Teslas which are not sports cars, etc and that percentage goes up. It funny that most of the C7s not sold are automatics. The M7s were bought up first.

  8. Only a REAL sports car has a manual transmission. Makes a person “connect” with the power and personality of their treasured vehicle. I am proud owner of a 1966 Chevelle Malibu Convertible with a 4 speed and a 2019 Grand Sport Convertible 7 speed and would have nothing else. Better fuel economy less break jobs. Less costly transmission repairs. But to each to their own. Builds true character learning to drive a manual transmission. Thank you GM.

  9. “…fine and dandy until one falls through their ceiling…” <– Right. One who is that careless should not drive a manual. Or any car, really.

  10. Believe the best looking Corvette is the C6. Love my Z06 with the 6 speed and the 427 engine. Never would have bought it if it only came with an automatic.

  11. Oh, I see..a KEYBOARD COMMANDO RAMBO. WOOOOO YOU BAD…Why don’t we meet and discuss it on person?

  12. Hey Waldo, I can imagine why you think that only the careless have accidents. If I lived in my parents basement, and all I did everyday is troll grown up sites, and just pretend to have a sports car, I wouldn’t understand either. Run along boy…

  13. This article misses the point entirely! There are some of us who believe that as a sports car enthusiast you must bring some skills to the table before you can call yourself competent to drive it as it was originally meant to be driven. That requires the ability to shift the transmission yourself and possibly heel and toe to rev match. Porsche still believes so and offers a manual to the 20% of its customers who believe likewise. Chevy gave up on heel&toe with paddle rev match on the C7 and now manuals on the C8 as they are catering to a younger demographic. For that reason I am keeping my M7 C7. I challenge any of the Millennial 2 foot automatic non professional crowd to beat my stock Z51 M7 in a similar automatic C7 either in a standing start or roll off to 100 mph. Old age and treachery will always beat youthful enthusiasm!

  14. It’s not just millie’s that appreciate and accept modern advances. It has been repeatedly proven, human manual shifting cannot out perform a computer. (Paddle or otherwise automatic) it is impossible.

    The only ones who think differently exist mainly in social media, where they can challenge online, but with no real intent to actually do so. They would lose. Besides, Mommy hid the keys from them.

    And then there are those like Waldork, who choose manual for a different reason. These snowflakes feel like the only way to prove their manhood is by constantly manipulating a phallus symbol, perhaps Waldork, you should get together with the Monster Truckers. Seems like a perfect match for one another.

    As for me, well I’m a proud automatic man…keeping my hand free to finger and fondle your wife/girlfriend. 🤣🖕 Right Waldork?

  15. Larry, seems like you are some sort of bottom feeder. You don’t really belong on this Corvette blog. Go drive your auto Toyota!

  16. Waldork started it. I was merely responding on a level he would understand.

    It appears there are several in here, equally as mentally challenged as Waldork.

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