[PICS] 2020 Corvette’s Two-Tone Blue Interior Now Has Two Different Headrest Colors


[PICS] 2020 Corvette's Two-Tone Blue Interior Now Has Two Different Headrest Colors

New for the 2020 Corvette Stingray is that Chevrolet is now offering three different seat designs for buyers as they strive to offer different levels of support and comfort. The GT1 seats are the standard seat versions while GT2 features a different headrest design and a bit more support. The third seat is the Competition Seat and while it’s similar to the design of the GT2 seats, they are much stiffer and are specifically designed for track enthusiasts who need really strong side bolsters to help keep them in place.

The popular two-tone Tension Blue/Twilight Blue leather interior can only be ordered on the 3LT trim levels, however, there’s been a bit of a mystery surrounding the interior as we’ve been hearing about different headrest colors depending on seat choice. Thanks to CorvetteBlogger contributor Jeremy Welborn for finally getting to the bottom how the two-tone blue seats are different!

Up until today, we believed that the headrests on the competition seats were Tension Blue, the same as they are on the GT2 seats. That was the design of the seats that we personally sat in with the Rapid Blue Corvette that was on display at the Rolex 24. And we know they were the Competition seats as they have the cutout in the middle of the seat.

The Corvette Configurator now shows that if you order the Competition seats your headrest is the darker Twilight Blue, whereas if you’re ordering the GT2 seats, the headrests are the brighter Tension Blue. The Competition seats also have the seat cushion outside bolster with the anti-wear, anti-skid material that Chevrolet calls “Performance Textile” so that part of the seat is obviously different too.

Here are the comparison photos showing the difference in the two seats:

Competition Seats:

2020 Corvette's Two-Tone Blue Interior and Competition Seats

GT2 Seats:

2020 Corvette's Two-Tone Blue Interior and GT2 Seats

While I personally like the design of the Competition Seats, I couldn’t imagine taking a road trip with these in the car, and you also have to consider the comfort of your passenger who will be riding in them as well. For those of you considering the Comp seats, I recommend you try sitting in them for a few minutes or longer.

Thanks again Jeremy for getting to the bottom of this…

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