[VIDEO] C8.R Corvettes Testing at Sebring


[VIDEO] C8.R Corvettes Testing at Sebring

Corvette Racing is at Sebring this week conducting additional testing on the new mid-engine race cars. The team is quite busy not only preparing the two IMSA racers for the 12 Hours of Sebring, but also working on the #63 C8.R Corvette that will be competing at the upcoming FIA WEC races at COTA and Sebring.

One of our Facebook friends is a resident of a Sebring and he shared this quick video of the Corvette C8.Rs on the track.

From Matthew Christian via Facebook:

Got a little video this morn at the track. This is what the Corvette C8R sounds like at wide-open throttle. Gonna take some getting used to for sure.

While at Sebring, the team took some time to get photos of the new cars. Team photographer Richard Prince pulls out all the stops to capture the C8.Rs on the track and if that means hanging out the back of a minivan, he’ll do it! Matthew shares this video of the C8.R photoshoot at sunset:

In addition to the team photos, a group of historic Corvette race cars were also at Sebring on Monday for an photoshoot that we heard referred to as “The Evolution of Corvette Racers”. The group of cars includes the 1956 SR2 and the #005 1963 Grand Sport, as well as one of the Greenwood widebody IMSA racers, and a C4 Corvette Challenge car. Corvette Racing brought with them a trio of now-retired racecars with the C5-R, C6.R, and C7.R lined with the new Mid-Engine Corvette racer front and center!

The Evolution of Corvette Racers

Photo Credit: David James / Facebook

Richard Prince shared a photo on Facebook from the photoshoot and he said the following:

This is definitely not our first rodeo! Eight generations of racing glory with America’s sports car. Every one of them is real and yes, they are spectacular! After 30 years in the photography profession and countless complicated photo shoots, this one set a new standard for complexity. I could not have done it without the support of Chevrolet, the Corvette Racing team (especially David James & Alex Roberge), the car owners, the staff at Sebring, and a small army of assistants. And I would not have done it without the inspiration that I derive from the Corvette Nation – you are the most passionate and devoted fans on the planet!

The Evolution of Corvette Racers

Matthew Christian

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  1. Those two pics would make great posters, hint-hint!! Might sell a few as there would definitely be a lot of interest… 🙂

  2. Would have loved to be there to see that collection of Corvette racers in person! I realize that part of it is due to perspective, but check out the size difference between the SR2 and Grand Sport compared to the more recent Corvette racers in that last picture!

  3. Great to see the C8R’s etc. testing and preparing for the 12 hours of Sebring in March. Thanks to, and nice to see, that probably Bill Tower was nice enough to bring his original ’56 SR2 and original #2 Grand Sport Coupe
    over for some fun. Thanks to all and it would have been a nice day to see them all at one tome. Probably never all together again?

  4. An amazing accomplishment getting all those vehicles in the same place at the same time. That’s millions of $’s worth of privately-owned stuff. Incredible job by Mr. Prince… I don’t think anybody else coulda’ pulled this off!!! Corvette lovers owe this guy big time for creating and preserving Corvette History!!!

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