[POLL] What’s the Best Corvette Blue?


[POLL] What's the Best Corvette Blue?

It’s time for another rendition our Friday Poll. This week we’re talking colors so we ask – what’s the best shade of blue to have adorned the Corvette?

The color blue has been available for nearly all of Corvette’s 62 years of production. Below we’ll breakdown some of the many shades of blue that our favorite car has worn.

The first blue Corvette showed up in 1954 wearing Pennant Blue lacquer paint. Only 300 were built that year in this new hue. Other first generation blues included Arctic Blue in 1956 and Jewel Blue in 1961.

1954 Corvette

The C2’s gave us stunning Daytona Blue in 1963 and 1964. Later in 1966 we had the terrific trio of Nassau, Laguna, and Trophy Blue. That trifecta was followed up in 1967 with Elkhart, Lynndale, and Marina Blue.

1967 Corvette

Corvette’s 3rd generation ran from 1968 to 1982 and gave us many more shades of blue. Some of our favorites include 1969’s Lemans Blue, 1972’s Targa Blue, and 1977’s Corvette Dark Blue. Later C3’s were available with two-tone paint which, of course, included a couple shades of blue. 1981 featured Silver and Dark Blue while 1982 offered the Silver Blue / Dark Blue combo.

1973 Corvette

The all-new 1984 Corvette debuted with Light Blue Metallic and Medium Blue Metallic. You could also order these 2 colors together in a two-tone configuration. Later C4 Blues included another incarnation of Nassau Blue in 1988, Quasar Blue in 1990, and Admiral Blue in 1994.

1994 Corvette

In 1997 we got another Nassau Blue on the C5. Other fifth generation blues we saw were 2000’s Bright and Navy Blues, and 2004’s Lemans Blue.

2000 Corvette

The C6 dropped in 2005 wearing yet another Lemans Blue which led to Jetsteam blue in 2008.

2008 Corvette

That brings us all the way now to the current seventh generation car which has had 2 blues since its 2014 inception. Night Race Blue and the popular Laguna Blue have been available for all 3 of the C7’s production years to date.

2015 Corvette Z06

Corvette has had many other blues that we haven’t mentioned here. We intentionally left some out. There are just too many to list in one place. So this is why we’re asking you, what’s the best Corvette Blue? Vote now in our poll below.

What's the best Corvette blue?

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Don’t see your favorite blue listed? Chime in with your fave in the comments below.


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  1. My two favorties would be the 1965 425hp/396 Nassau blue convertible and the 2005 400hp LeMans blue convertible; I owned both of them and still have the 2005 convertible.

  2. All blues are really, really sharp; but the one that I believe is the best blue? 2005 LeMans blue – hands down!

  3. Without question the best blue is LYNNDALE BLUE and I have told the clowns at GMdesign this and they are unfortunately colorblind….now we have Cyber Grey AGAIN…..please boys….wake upfrom your nap.

  4. Supersonic Blue is a GREAT name but unfortunately in my opinion a pathetic color (looks like a primer).That name should be associated with Lynndale Blue (1967 only color) as it is the color at the top of the stratosphere where the blue sky turns to black (80000 feet altitude) where the SR-71 spyplane flew. Lynndale is a striking dark slate blue that makes a midyear look extraordinary.It would have the same effect on the sharp defined lines of the C7. I have owned 3 Lynndale Blue Sting Rays and now own a 66 L-72 Nassau Blue Roadster. I specialize in color coordination and my analogy is this. A Corvette is like a beautiful woman. In a grey dress she is still attractive…..but in the right color, she stops you in your tracks!

  5. I agree with the incredibly insightful comments of Jon Forget. I have owned a 2003 and 2005 Corvette, both in blue. I have owned a 72 Targa Blue Corvette, and currently a 71 Bridghampton Blue C3. I have also owned 18 other sharks covering all generations. Jon is right on the money. In my opinion, the boys at GM need to go back to the future to find the right stuff in color hues so we can all stop singing the blues when it comes to defining the crisp edges of the C7 in living color.

  6. I’m surprised LeMans Blue is not on that list, as it was very controversial when they elminated it for the 2008 model year

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