[VIDEO] C8 Corvettes at Spring Mountain in Various Colors


[VIDEO] C8 Corvettes at Spring Mountain in Various Colors

Our friends at Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country are gearing up for the C8 Corvette Owner’s School which was officially announced this week, and we know that means getting the cars broken in and ready for all the classes that will be coming through shortly.

Here’s a video that was shared earlier today showing various 2020 Corvette Stingray Z51 Coupes as they appear to be rolling out of their parking spots and onto one of the roads that runs through the Spring Mountain facility. Only one car shows the Ron Fellows livery so perhaps these cars are recent arrivals? The C8 Corvettes that were on display at the Rolex 24 were supposedly headed to the Spring Mountain and we recognize the White Stingray with the Midnight Gray racing stripes that appears at the end.

See your favorite C8 color? Nearly all the colors are represented here in one video, and a second viewing shows 11 of the 12 exterior colors in one place. Can you guess which color isn’t? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks to Darius Tajanko for sharing the video on Facebook!


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  1. Don’t think I saw Sebring Orange. I’m waffling on color too and that’s the one I’m thinking of flipping to. Wish I could see that all in person!

  2. No shifting skills required…just “stab it and steer it”… your Grandmother could drive it.

  3. Sebring Orange and Torch Red are missing. Actually 2 of the C8s have Ron Fellow livery….Accelerate Yellow and Artic White (maybe it is Ceramic Matrix Gray Metallic).

  4. Jeff is right. No prior experience necessary to drive a hi-po Corvette nowadays. Porsche with their superb PDK still offers a manual for those drivers who want to feel engaged. I plan to keep my ‘14 Z51 M7 Stingray forever!

  5. Agreed…hence why I ordered my 2019 M7 days before the cutoff deadline…plan to keep it for a LONG time. My 3rd Vette, 3rd manual (78 and 98 also)…and hoping that GM will see fit to reintroduce a manual option in future or this will literally be my last one.

  6. I waited and waited for the mid engine but when it was announced there would be no manual transmission I ordered a loaded 2019 Z06 with a manual and couldn’t be happier.

  7. Torch Red and Sebring Orange. I wish that they would drop the awful Bronze. I had an 85 in Bronze and I hated the color.

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