[ACCIDENT] Dash Cam Captures the Scary Moment a C3 Corvette Crashes into a Nissan


[ACCIDENT] Dash Cam Captures the Scary Moment a C3 Corvette Crashes into a Nissan

One of the prices you have to pay for driving an old and less technologically advanced sports car like a C3 Corvette is fewer safety devices like airbags and ABS brakes.

We try not to think about such problems when we’re enjoying a car like this orange mid-70s coupe, but it’s hard not to cringe a little bit when you watch a video like this one and think about “what if?”

It takes just a few seconds for the whole accident to start and finish.

We don’t know any of the details behind the crash, but we can infer from the video taken by the rear camera of another vehicle with a backward view of the scene, that the Corvette driver may have goosed it a little too much, lost control, crossed the center line, and smashed the driver’s front side of a passing blue Nissan sedan, causing it then to graze an SUV driving past in the outside lane.

Slowing down the video and going frame by frame full-screen, we can see a big fella behind the wheel of the Corvette, appearing to take a pretty good lick on the steering wheel with the side of his body as he turns away toward the passenger side but thankfully remaining inside the vehicle as the car quickly comes to a stop. The left front end of the ‘Vette appears to have taken the brunt of the impact, with the fender and hood flying up as the Chevy reverses direction after impact with the Nissan and winds up facing the opposite direction on the narrow median.

While we hate to see a classic Corvette suffer like this, at least it appears to have been a glancing blow and not a full head-on collision.

Let’s hope all parties made it through this crash without serious injury.

Makes you grateful for the numerous safety advancements of the later generations of the Corvette, like the upcoming C8, doesn’t it?

YouTube via CarScoops

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  1. Driving any C3 Corvette requires a little bit of knowledge about the go pedal, because the tail end will always have a tendency to break loose. (Then this happens). It wasn’t until the C4(and 1992) that the Corvette received traction control(driver side airbag was 1990, with passenger, 1994).
    It’s tough seeing such a nice car be involved in an accident like this. As the article states, hope all drivers/passengers involved were okay?
    Bottom line: if you own a Corvette post C1, it takes a little bit of driving skill (and common sense), to control America’s only sports car.

  2. I remember a few years back, Chevy had a video, promoting the safety of the newer Chevrolets and they
    stage a head on collision with a 59 Chevy Impala and a 2009 Chevy Impala.. It wasn’t a fully across frontal impact, but one half of the 59, struck one half of the 2009. Before I watched it, I thought sure that big heavy 59 would cream that 09. But just the opposite. The 2009 crush areas were destroyed but the cabin itself stay pretty much intact. However the 59 front A pillar with the wrap around windshield was pushed into the passenger compartment, and a driver would have been seriously injured if not killed..

  3. It’s a good thing he wasn’t driving an extremely powerful Corvette or he would probably be seriously injured or killed driving like that!

  4. Fuck him if that fucking asshole can’t drive then he deserves whatever happens to him! If I had a third eye I’d cry for him.

  5. I had a perfect 1974 Stingray and I got hit on the same side as this guy by a guy making an illegal U-Turn. I was able to get mine fixed (new fender, bumper, flip up headlight and hood) but it was never quite the same so I ended up selling it. Miss that car… it was so much fun to drive,

  6. I was 18 when I bought my ’76 new, almost 44 years ago.
    And I’ve never come close to doing what this idiot did.
    I’m with you Tony…..

  7. As Clint Eastwood stated in the movie “Dirty Harry,” A Man Must Know His Limitations.” Unfortunately, this “driver” has learned the hard way.

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