[SPIED] Reader Submitted Photos Show a Half-Wrapped C8 Corvette Convertible


[SPIED] Reader Submitted Photos Show a Half-Wrapped C8 Corvette Convertible

Photo Credit: Photos by Scott King

We have some great readers here at CorvetteBlogger who are quick to send us any interesting encounters they have had with the new 2020 Corvettes. Those that reside in Michigan and especially in the area of GM’s Milford Proving Grounds have probably seen more C8 Corvettes on the road than anywhere outside of Bowling Green, but that doesn’t mean it’s old news to us!

Scott King spotted this half-wrapped 2020 Corvette Stingray Convertible in Elkhart Lake Blue on Christmas Eve in Plymouth, MI. and then dropped us a line with the photos. We were immediately surprised to see the car is still wearing camo on the rear hatch months after the Convertibles were shown to the public, especially since it’s wearing a Captured Test Fleet sticker which from our understanding means that it’s a saleable vehicle and not one with an EX designation in its VIN.

Here’s what Scott had to say:

Saw a blue C8 CTF convertible in Plymouth, Michigan on Christmas Eve. Clearly visible CTF Decal at the base of the windshield. Not far from Milford and GMs proving ground to the northwest. Yellow calipers, without the crossed flags logo on the nose.

[SPIED] Reader Submitted Photos Show a Half-Wrapped C8 Corvette Convertible

[SPIED] Reader Submitted Photos Show a Half-Wrapped C8 Corvette Convertible

We see from the photos that the nose emblem is missing, as is the Corvette script emblem on the rear deck. But the car does have center caps on the wheels while most of the earlier prototypes did not have. There is probably a simple explanation for why the car is still wrapped, like maybe the driver was waiting for Christmas, but then what’s the fun in that!

Thanks for sharing these photos with us, Scott!

Photos by Scott King

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  1. Car looks cleaner without the front badge or rear emblem. Does ‘anyone’ in the world need it spelled out that this is a Corvette?
    But dammit, apparently they really are gonna release it with that crumpled up spoiler. It looks like the ‘Flying Nun’ did a face plant…

  2. Could the wrap be to cover a transparent engine cover? That would be an incredible option for the hardtop convertible


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