[ACCIDENT] C4 Corvette Slides Under a Nissan Pathfinder


[ACCIDENT] C4 Corvette Slides Under a Nissan Pathfinder

We always knew the C4 Corvette was an aerodynamic piece of artistry.

But just how slippery it is, you can see for yourself in this accident that ended with an early C4 Corvette coupe finding a path underneath the rear end of a Nissan.

Watch this video as firefighters carefully use a long jack to support the rear of the Pathfinder and place wheel chocks in the front to keep it from rolling as they try to rescue the 65-year-old driver of the Corvette, who was trapped in his seat by the rear wheel of the SUV that came to rest on top of the driver’s door and blocked escape through the window.

Vallejo Police Lt. Herman Robinson said the two vehicles were traveling east on Valle Vista Avenue in the California town of Vallejo around 6 p.m. Tuesday when the Corvette didn’t stop as the Pathfinder ahead of it was slowing down. The Corvette then drove underneath the Nissan, and the two vehicles spun and came to a halt in the intersection of Broadway Street and Valle Vista.

This one apparently had a much happier ending than it could have had, with the Corvette driver successfully rescued in less than 15 minutes and then carried to a local hospital with just a head laceration. The outcome seems to indicate the strength of the Corvette’s door and roof structure, which was able to carry the weight of the Pathfinder and keep it from flattening the Corvette driver’s head.

The driver of the Pathfinder was not seriously injured, authorities said.

While the video shows the rescue of the man, we’re wondering just what it took to get the Nissan off the Corvette.


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  1. This could just as easily been metro Detroit. Light turns yellow, the first car decides to stop while the second car anticipates the first car will go through. That Corvette looks to be a 1985 Coupe and perhaps one of the 50 special Malcolm Konner builds in that two tone bronze over dark brown.

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