[VIDEO] Corvettes Best Moments from MotorTrend


[VIDEO] Corvettes Best Moments from MotorTrend

The motoring gurus over at MotorTrend are offering one last Christmas gift for Corvette enthusiasts in the form of this nearly 15-minute long video showcasing some of the great moments from America’s favorite sports car.

Check out some crazy stunts from Roadkill and the original Vette Kart, a Head2Head comparison between the C7 Grand Sport and a Porsche 911, and finally, Randy Pobst drives the 2019 Corvette ZR1 hard at Willow Springs.

From the MotorTrend Channel on YouTube:

Didn’t get a Corvette for Christmas? You can still enjoy MotorTrend’s ode to Corvettes! We’ve worked with the classic American speedster on Roadkill, Head 2 Head, and Ignition, and the Corvette has produced some of our favorite moments. From Roadkill’s famous Vette Kart to a review of the newest ZR1, we’re reliving some of our finest Corvette moments.


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