[VIDEO] Tadge Juechter Talks About Road Noise and Z-Mode During MotorTrend C8 Corvette Drive


[VIDEO] Tadge Juechter Talks about Road Noise and Z-Mode During MotorTrend C8 Corvette Drive

Back before the reveal of the 2020 Corvette Stingray, we remember hearing that a couple of the magazines got a ride-along presentation in the prototypes as background to the information that would come out on the car after it was revealed. I had never seen this ride-along video from MotorTrend with Frank Markus and Tadge Juecther, so thanks to Corvette_Nut and the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com for reposting it.

There has been some debate about whether or not certain custom changes that you make when utilizing the Z-Mode button are saved when the car is turned off, and to this day we are still uncertain which settings are retained and what is wiped clean.

Tadge talks briefly about certain regulations that require the car to start-up in its default, certified state and as he is discussing the Z-Mode we learn that it does indeed remember those settings that normally would be lost when the car is turned off and it saves them for recall later.

Here’s Tadge talking about the Z-Mode function:

“Some of the attributes, some of the customizable features, some of those can hold over an ignition cycle and some cannot because what we were talking about before with emissions regulations, the car has to default to the certified state. The idea of Z Mode is to take all those things including ones that do hold over key cycle and the ones that don’t and give you one-button access right from the steering wheel. So some people might use this to set up the car the way they like it which might be a mix and match of Tour/Sport/Track [Driver Modes] or maybe they set it up because that’s the way they’re gonna use it on the track specifically. Even though we have a Track Mode, some people like to customize it…maybe they don’t like the heavy steering, or they got a rough track and they really want the Tour…”

From Corvette_Nut via YouTube:


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