[VIDEO] The Corvette C8.R is Introduced at Petit Le Mans


[VIDEO] The Corvette C8.R is Introduced at Petit Le Mans

Chevrolet pulled off another reveal today, this time the Corvette C8.R was shown to the racing media and other invited guests during Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta which serves as the final IMSA race of the year.

The new Corvette race car will officially race for the first time at the 2020 Rolex 24 at Daytona International Speedway in January.

Chevy’s first mid-engine Corvette racer was the first “clean-sheet” design of Corvette race car since the C5.R debuted in 1999.

From the earliest C8 Corvette design and engineering meetings, Corvette Racing’s engineers were in the room with the Corvette engineers as they worked side by side to create the 2020 Corvette Stingray and the Corvette C8.R from scratch.

The Corvette C8.R features something different under the hood engine cover. Powering the new race car is a 5.5L naturally-aspirated DOHC V8 engine with direct-injection that will produce a Balance of Performance-specified 500-hp and 480 lb-ft of torque while a new 6-speed sequential transmission from X-Trac was redesigned to make more room for the rear diffuser.

Corvette engineer Ed Piatek confirmed that the new C8.R engine features a flat-plane crankshaft which would explain its completely different engine note from the C7.Rs

We asked if we might see a variant of the 5.5L DOHC C8 engine in a production Corvette, but no definitive answers were provided by the Corvette Team. However, the homologation rules require at least 300 engines be produced and installed into a “series vehicle” by the same manufacturer so we are saying “stay tuned” when it comes to discussing “future product”.


Another major difference in the C8.Rs is their racing livery. The No.3 Corvette C8.R will be running the traditional “Yellow Corvette” with silver accents while the No.4 Corvette is shown in predominately Silver with Yellow accents. The silver car is said to have been inspired by the silver-painted 1959 Corvette Stingray Racer and the 1973 Aerovette.

In support of the new Corvette C8.R, this new preview video was released today:

You can catch the C8.R in action this weekend as it does a couple of hot laps before the start of Petit Le Mans on Saturday. We do know that one of those is scheduled for 11:55am, just 10 minutes before the start of the race.


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  1. By far, Chevrolet’s finest motorsport masterpiece. The DOHC flat-plane planform should give the C8.R the top-end powerband it needs to properly compete with Porsche, Ferrari et al with BoP handicaps considered. Let’s give the C7.R a proper sendoff this weekend. Cannot wait til Daytona!!

  2. RE. The Video. Chevy/GM should know better: With ALL due respect, Zora was not the Father of the Corvette. Harley Earl was. The ‘Vette was already born when Zora got on board — to become…how about the Godfather of the Corvette?
    Might sound picky, but Harley deserves the credit. Zora deserves some credit, too, but not that credit.

  3. Right on Waldo. How could GM blow this? Harley Earl was only their 1st styling chief. He did the 1st clay modeling in the industry. Created the tailfin, wraparound windshields, the CORVETTE……

    We all thank God for Zora. But for me Harley is the man!

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