[SPIED] We Finally Get a Black 2020 Corvette Stingray Walkaround


[VIDEO] We Finally Get Black 2020 Corvette Stingray Walkaround

As the owner of a black Corvette, I have a special affinity for the color. Black is fantastic when it’s clean but so hard to keep it that way. Anyways, I could go on and on about how good the color suits the Corvette no matter the generation.

What I wanted to write about was the fact that we haven’t really seen a lot of the 2020 Corvette Stingray in black, despite it being traditionally one of the top colors for the car.

So we are glad to see this walkaround of the Black 2020 Corvette from Bowling Green.

Brian Jones posted the video to youtube with the following comment:

We were headed South on I-65 towards Bowling Green, Kentucky when we were passed by this Stunning C8 Corvette. We pulled off the Highway to get a bite to eat and he did too. Great Guy, He took time to answer questions and show me the car. Looks amazing in person !!

Brian Jones / YouTube

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  1. The only color that does not draw attention to the “boomerang” black trim around the massive side intakes. I don’t know what the design team was thinking when they added that trim piece. Darts Vader your car is ready!

  2. so the designer of the new vett is related to the guy that designed the old fiero I take it … lol… the vette has allways looked Americann why change it now to look like overpriced European cars they should hired that fellow that did the new design for the 83 now that’s a vette

  3. Another example of over styling from GM with incoherent extrusions and protrusions everywhere. Ferrari can rest easy . Such a shame.

  4. On with the new, can’t dwell in the past. No matter what it is, it will evolve over time with reason. At least they listen at all. Trunk space, quick shift, trim options elevated. More room in cockpit from the C7. AND of course, black is my color choice…

  5. That is the butt ugliest Corvette I think I have ever seen. Looks like one of those “Transformers”! Ridiculous design.

  6. Has anyone figured out how to clean the lens on the backup camera mounted high on the roof without your belt scraping the paint on the side fenders? Time for another specialty tool at an exorbitant price from some C8 vendor.

  7. And you are a bulls**t, C.G., because I will buy a fully loaded 2020 C8 Z51 anyway.

  8. @Joseph Damiani


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