STUDY: The Corvette Convertible Leads Top 10 List of Least-Driven Cars


STUDY: The Corvette Convertible Leads Top 10 List of Least-Driven Cars

We all know Corvettes, in general, are babied by their owners and driven far fewer miles than, say, a Suburban.

According to the latest data from iSeeCars, the Corvette convertible ranks No. 1 this year on the website’s list of the Top 10 Least-Driven Cars.

That’s a shame because it’s so much fun to drive a Corvette. It’ll be interesting to see if this trend holds for the mid-engine C8 Corvette in the coming years. Let’s hope the new owners drive these eighth-generation cars like Tadge Juechter and his crew meant for them to be, but we have a feeling a decade from now, the Corvette will be at or near the top of the list again!

ISeeCars studied more than 2.3 million car sales of 10-year-old cars, with the 2009 Corvette emerging this year in the top spot with just 4,272 miles per year or 64.4 percent lower than the average of 11,987 miles.

STUDY: Top 10 List of Most Driven Cars

The Corvette convertible ranked just ahead of two Porsches – the 911 Convertible at 4,360 miles (63.6 percent of the average) and the 911 Coupe at 4,405 miles (63.3 percent).

Coming in the fourth spot was the Corvette coupe at 4,693 miles annually (60.9 percent).

Others in the top 10 were the No. 5 Maserati Quattroporte at 4,766 miles (60.2 percent), No. 6 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class convertible at 6,220 miles (48.1 percent), No. 7 Mazda MX-5 Miata convertible at 6,650 miles (44.5 percent), No. 8 BMW Z4 convertible at 6,869 miles (42.7 percent), No. 9 Ford Mustang convertible at 8,408 miles (29.9 percent), and No. 10 Mercedes-Benz G-Class at 8,420 miles (29.8 percent).

The study also examined the Most-Driven Cars, Most-Driven Passenger Cars (excluding trucks, SUVs, and minivans), Most-Driven Pickup Trucks, and Comparison of Mileage by Body Style.

We’ll give you a hint – it’s another Chevy – the Suburban with 14,862 miles or 24.0 percent above the average.

STUDY: Top 10 List of Most Driven Cars


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  1. Well, I guess I can’t argue with your findings. I drive my Chevy Tahoe SSV all the time because it’s just so handy for everything I need to do on a daily basis, and my three Corvette convertibles sit in the garage/barn only to peep out occassionly…. but I still like them!! 🙂

  2. I drive my 93 Ruby 40th drop top 6 Spd as much as possible. I haven’t washed it since last year sometime.When I drive it into work I keep hearing “when you gona wash that thing ?” I tell em ” I bought it to drive it,not wash it !” That is my 8th Vette I owned .

  3. Own seven, drove one two years ago. Just neat storage faces from the distant past. Building a 63 Belair two door post, bench seat, four speed, car for a dailey driver. More room, easy entry, back seat for the dog .

  4. Like many of us, I am part of those stats. My ’19 ZR1 convertible is 14 months young with only 2,372 miles. My everyday ride is a ’16 Z06 convertible with a hair over 35k. Since ’89 I’ve owned a total of 15 ‘Vettes. A super value for the money.

  5. I have put 70K recreational miles on my 2016 C7 Stingray MT in 3 years. I never drive it to work. It has been from Canada to Florida, East Coast to West Coast.
    Sorry, Tony Milo; I do wash this one quite a bit. Nervous habit, perhaps? Just returned to PA from Seattle and I probably washed it 5 or 6 times on the way home — the bugs were a factor on that drive!
    Want to drive it right now, but it’s time for bed.

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