[SPIED] Are These Hybrid C8 Corvette Mules Testing in Colorado?


[SPIED] Are These Hybrid C8 Corvette Mules Testing in Colorado?

Here is an interesting sighting of four C8 Corvettes prototypes spied at Mt. Evans in Colorado with the photos coming from a new user named Mtb_ck on the CorvetteForum.com.

All are wearing the vinyl camo but each has some additional connections poking through the front and rear quarter-panels that have Corvette enthusiasts thinking a hybrid may be in the works.

[SPIED] Are These Hybrid C8 Corvette Mules Testing in Colorado?

You can see the connections in this close-up photo. The switch on the right shows a turn to switch on, but the other looks like an electrical bus connector. I don’t think we’ve seen anything previously like this on other mules. There also appears to be a second red-handled “turn to switch on” on the driver’s side rear quarter panels.

The photographer said the following about these Corvettes when he posted the photos to the forum:

New to the forum and thought I’d post a tantalizing quartet of 4 Unicorns. Perhaps the rumored C8 Hybrid test sleds out for a romp on Mt Evans. My photos are from last week in Idaho Springs. Initially, passed a single example and “went full 8 year-old” darling wife, “Pull over!! pull over!!!…” Later, after lunch, passing the same spot the singleton turned into 4.

[SPIED] Are These Hybrid C8 Corvette Mules Testing in Colorado?

Two of the members also provided some interesting feedback. The VIN on one of the mules reads “1G1YC2D73MX7685EX” to which radrace19 replied that makes it a 2021 model. Jeff V went further, saying “Different engine too. 2020 LT2 is 4 in the VIN. These look like they have an engine code of 7. The model code is YC rather than Y7 (base) or Y8 (Z51).

The plugs could be for easy access to the Corvette’s battery(s) while the off/on switches could be some kind of safety feature for the car. It’s because we haven’t seen them like this before that has us wondering if there is more to it than that explanation.

[SPIED] Are These Hybrid C8 Corvette Mules Testing in Colorado?

[SPIED] Are These Hybrid C8 Corvette Mules Testing in Colorado?

[SPIED] Are These Hybrid C8 Corvette Mules Testing in Colorado?

If you have any ideas at what we are looking at, hit us up in the comment section below!


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  1. Spoke to an Eng.at the 25th and it may be a ZR1 with electric on the front wheels Apparently ZR1’s will be electrified.

  2. The plug is an Anderson plug usually used on equipment battery chargers or snow plow quick disconnects

  3. If anyone sees one of these things please take a picture through the front rims and if possible under the front suspension. Just stick you phone under the front and take a picture with the flash on. Shouldn’t be too difficult to see if a half-shaft or other type of drivetrain.

  4. Mt. Evans is the highest peak in Colorado that you can drive all of the way to the top. Why would they be testing on Mt. Evans? Testing regen braking? And how much power is consumed on the drive up?

  5. Would be a good idea to know about cars I’d you want to write about them. That’s a standard 12 volt battery connector for an external battery shit off. Nothing to do with electric motors…

  6. Interesting! Plugin for some hybrid seems likely.
    (Former special test guy from Proving grounds)
    C7 owner…!

  7. Interesting! Plugin for some hybrid seems likely.
    (Former special test guy from Proving grounds)
    C7 owner…!
    Although…..C8 has battery up front?? 🤔🤔

  8. well they like to do high altitude testing on all cars as well, loveland pass, roads near silverton and pikes peak

  9. According to all information and seemingly credible rumors I’ve seen on C8, this is my educated ‘guess’ of the expanded lineup of C8 models… Based on the evidence- first the LT2 pushrod base/Z51, the Z06 is rumored for 2022, so there must be something slotted between the two (in performance) for 2021. That would be the E-ray with a base LT2 powering rears, combined with powerful electric motors (up to 200 HP, similar to Chevy Bolt’s) powering the front wheels. E-ray has been trademarked by GM and a Bolt powertrain works in the mid engine Vette. 1 of the reasons they switched to mid engine, to make room for a serious performance-forward (budget) hybrid like the direction many other surercars currently. It IS the current trend, like it or not! Then comes the Z06, apparently with the flat-plane DOHC 5.5L V8 making around 700HP naturally aspirated. Then the ZR1 with that same engine+ twin turbos. But there’s 1 more ‘surprise’ above the C8 ZR1, according to the GM patents and trademarks… The Zora. It’s the ZR1 800HP twin turbo engine combined with the electric powertrain like the lesser E-Ray. These sources claim 1000+HP, flat-plane DOHC twin-turbo 5.5 V8 combined with 200HP electric motors similar to Bolt’s. E-Ray AND Zora BOTH have been trademarked and extensively rumored. To sum up- 495HP Base/Z51, 650+ combined HP, ridiculous torque AWD Hybrid (E-ray) NSX-slayer, 700+/-HP naturally-aspirated DOHC flat plane 5.5l V8 Z06, 800+HP Twin-turbo version ZR1, and 1000+HP hybridized version of ZR1 engine for the new Halo car, the Zora. I see it making snacks of Porsche 918, Ferrari La Ferrari, top-dog McLaren (whatever alphabet soup they call it) for a fraction of the price. They all have that hybrid, mid engine AWD formula, and that’s why Corvette is going there. Several delicious options with the slowest engine hitting 60 in 2.9 seconds, top speed of 194, 1/4 in 11.3!

  10. Could be a Z06 that this model maybe a N/A 5.5 liter V8 with a Hybrid race system. To help provide more significant torque an some HP hey 2021 and less complex than twin turbos if product fails better this way than with twin turbos on it too.

  11. Just a comment as three (3) of these cars have no standard grille opening! Interesting! Steve

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