[VIDEO] The C8 Corvettes are Now Testing in Oregon


[VIDEO] The C8 Corvettes are Now Testing in Oregon

That caravan of 2020 Corvettes that we’ve been following via social media has apparently made its way to Oregon according to a new video on YouTube.

We counted five 2020 Corvettes and the GMC SUV chase vehicle lined up along a very picturesque downtown street in Grant Pass, OR.

We first saw these Corvettes on a transporter and got a great walk-around video of the seven Stingrays here.

The Shadow Gray base Stingray is the one with the Tension/Twilight Blue interior We get another look at it in this video as well.

More recently, we believe the 2020 Stingray involved in the first public crash was part of this testing group.

Another Oregon resident in Klamath Falls, OR came across the same group showing six Stingrays and the GMC chase vehicle. Minus the crashed Elkhart Lake Blue Stingray in California, this is definitely the same “fever” of Stingrays.

From Lucas Gatley on YouTube:

Lucas Gatley / YouTube

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  1. Teaching reading must have occurred only in times gone by because its clear most millenials are incapable of the task. The article reads “Grants Pass”… Not Grant’s Falls”.

  2. Actually, I conflated the two town names of “Klamath Falls” and “Grants Pass” that appeared in the story as Grants Falls. The story was corrected following the earlier comment. – Keith

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