[VIDEO] Texas Man To Fulfill His Late Father’s Dream to Caravan to the National Corvette Museum


[VIDEO] Texas Man To Fullfill His Late Father's Dream to Caravan to the National Corvette Museum

The National Corvette Caravan to the National Corvette Museum for the 25th Anniversary Celebration is now in full go mode. Thousands of Corvette enthusiasts from across the country will converge on Bowling Green, Kentucky, to enjoy a wide variety of activities and renew old friendships and begin new ones. For some, this event will be the culmination of years, even decades, of planning.

One such enthusiast is Gary Bonnett II. When Gary was born in 1980, his dad, Gary Bonnett, owned a 1969 Cortez Silver Stingray Coupe that he had purchased in 1971. The Corvette then had to take a back seat to the new addition to the family, and because Corvettes don’t have a back seat, the Corvette sat in their driveway until 1996, when Gary II moved it to a barn.

[VIDEO] Texas Man To Fulfill His Late Father's Plan to Caravan to the National Corvette Museum

In 2005, Gary II was sent to Iraq. It was during his time in Iraq that Gary II began the process of having his dad’s Corvette restored. In May of 2007, after Gary II had returned from Iraq, he presented the restored Corvette to his father. The elder Mr. Bonnett was amazed by what his son had done for him, and they began discussing ways they would enjoy the restored ’69 together. One of those ideas was to celebrate the car’s 50th Anniversary this year by taking it on the National Corvette Caravan!

[VIDEO] Texas Man To Fulfill His Late Father's Plan to Caravan to the National Corvette Museum

Three generations: Gary Bonnett, Gary Bonnett II, Garry Bonnett III

Unfortunately, the elder Mr. Bonnett passed away three years ago, but this hasn’t kept Gary II from continuing to pursue his dad’s dream. So, on Tuesday, August 27, Gary II will leave his home in Houston, Texas, behind the wheel of his dad’s 1969 Corvette to join the Caravan to Bowling Green. Family members will come together there as well to celebrate turning Mr. Bonnett’s dream into reality.

Gary II’s journey will be live-streamed on his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/garybonnett. If you’re on the road to Bowling Green next week, keep an eye out for Gary’s 1969 Cortez Silver Stingray! Here is Gary previewing the purpose of the trip:

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