[VIDEO] Man Shares Experience of Owning a 1957 Corvette Fuelie for 47 Years


[VIDEO] Man Shares Experience of Owning a 1957 Corvette Fuelie for 47 Years

For the last 47 years, a 1957 Corvette with fuel injection has been a part of Richard Huxley’s life. In this cinematic-style video from HeavyMetalConcepts, the long-time owner shares his experiences and what he likes doing the best with the car.

Richard’s 1957 Corvette was built late in the model year and came with the 4-speed manual transmission that was introduced mid-way through 1957 production. The Fuelie was of the 283/250 variety and some owner before him swapped out the cam to make it the 283/283 V8. Richard also had custom side pipes made for the car and he says “they’re extremely loud. But that’s part of the fun.”

[VIDEO] Man Shares Experience of Owning a 1957 Corvette Fuelie for 47 Years

He purchased the car in 1971 and says that he practically grew up with the car. “I’ve had it most of my life, and it isn’t the car to use every day but the very few times a year that I do use it… it’s so much fun.”

At times the video cuts to Richard behind the wheel on a lonely two-lane road. Here he shares some of the wisdom picked up in a well-lived life: “You know, I’ve never understood why people with convertibles think that they’re out of season from October to April there’s nothing more fun than to take a car like that and drive it in winter and in cold weather with the top down, the windows open, and the heater goin. I guess you have to have an aptitude for that kind of an experience. It’s fun. It’s fun.”

[VIDEO] Man Shares Experience of Owning a 1957 Corvette Fuelie for 47 Years

The car is a little rough in places with peeling paint on the exterior and we caught a towel covering his seat. His wife actually bought him an interior restoration kit back in 1984 but he’s never even taken it out of the box. Richard will drive the ’57 Fuelie to car gatherings and everybody is always asking him when he’s going to restore it. He says “why?” I just like driving it like this.”

“It’s an investment I suppose of sorts, if I ever bring myself to part with it, but but that’s not anything to do with why I do anything to it. ” he says and continues, “Any of the cars that I have I do stuff for me. You don’t do it for who you’re gonna sell it to next, or who gets it next, they can do what they want. Like this one, I go to cruise night, things like that and people will walk around and look at it… if somebody wants to put that thing back to stock, it’ll be somebody after me.”


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  1. Nuts and bolts owners are the salt of the earth. The car, like a fine watch or hand gun, is meant to bring joy to the owner. Today 80% of vintage Corvettes owned are purchased for financial gain. Flippers, investors, collectors that want their story on front page news. The first few I purchased were sold for college accounts. Didn’t do too well as I lost money on some and gained ground on others. Later realizing how hard good condition drivers were to locate in my financial means I built storage garages and parked them. I describe it as a joy of ownership. Early fuel car, 3-7 fast backs, and of course a 427 coupe. I have owned two C-3 cars keeping the convertible. Late models don’t have the flair I believe that remmains with early production years. Meeting / speaking with owners is interesting as conversation increases ones knowledge hearing priceless experiences with Americas true classic sports car.

  2. Great story. I still miss my ‘late’ white 1977 (she fell victim to a drunk driver in a 1970 Cadillac striking my rear at over 55mph while I was at a stoplight at 1030pm, and as her final act, made sure I made it out OK), but anxiously looking forward to making memories with the upcoming C8!!

  3. I sold my first Corvette a 300 hp 65 roadster with factory side pipes. I sold because I really didn’t drive it that much and I was getting married and would gain 25% . Within a few years I saw these sky rocket in price and had remorse really bad. Fortunately I found a 64 and latched on. I’ve had this one 29 years and like in the article I just like to drive it. It needs some things but it’s funny now I don’t care so much about cosmetics in fact I like it as it is with its flaws and enjoy the cruise ins and visits with like minded car people.😺

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