[VIDEO] Check Out the Rear View Camera on the 2020 Corvette In Action


[VIDEO] Check out the Rear View Camera on the 2020 Corvette In Action

Photo Credit: thec8page / Instagram

Over the weekend, the Zeus Bronze 2020 Corvette Stingray show car was out at Laguna Seca in Monterey, CA for the Rolex Reunion. There is an interesting video on Instagram showing the point of view from a passenger filming from inside the car.

Another first, we see the rearview camera video in action as the Stingray rolls through the paddock.

The passenger comments on the great quality video from the camera and we have to agree. I would imagine the wide view would capture three lanes of traffic on the highway and it’s very bright as well.

The video comes from thec8page on Instagram:

thec8page / Instagram

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  1. This is a big deal option to me. I had tested it in a Cadillac XT5 at an auto show and for real visibility this is a must have! This greatly enhances the driving experience and will also greatly reduce your chances of hitting someone in your blind spot.

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