As the C8 Corvettes Leave the Nurburgring, Mark Reuss Posts a Group Photo of Chevy’s Engineers


As the C8 Corvettes Leave the Nurburgring, Mark Reuss Posts a Group Photo of Chevy's Engineers

Photo Credit: Mark Reuss / Facebook

Chevrolet has been testing the next generation C8 Corvettes at the Nurburgring for the last couple of weeks and now it looks like that testing session is officially a wrap.

Our friends at Carscoops shared new spy photos of the six camouflaged prototypes being loaded into an enclosed auto transporter. Although the destination is unknown, we believe that they will most likely stay in Germany for additional work.

GM’s Mark Reuss took time to mark the end of this round of Nurburgring testing by sharing a group photo of the engineers who have worked so diligently to bring us a world-class sports car.

On his personal Facebook page, Mark wrote, “The BEST engineering team delivering C8….so proud of our people… all gets down to people…..”

As the C8 Corvettes Leave the Nurburgring, Mark Reuss Posts Group Photo of Engineers

This latest round of testing on the Nurburgring is only the second time the C8 Corvettes have taken to the 12.9 mile Nordschleife and like the first visit back in September 2018, it generated a number of on-track videos and close encounters that are worthy of a second look.

We also appreciate GM’s senior leadership for the shout out to Chevy’s Corvette engineers! Thanks Mark!

Mark Reuss / Facebook

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  1. Seriously George. Stop posting dumb demands. Of course we are going to share pictures of the camouflaged C8s. If you don’t like them you don’t have to view them. – Keith

  2. I love the pictures of the Corvette’s and I appreciate everyone’s work to bring them to our attention. I find these photos very interesting. Keep them coming!

  3. I love seeing the photos of the camouflaged Corvette’s! I appreciate the hard work and the hard work that you all do to bring them to our attention. Keep them coming!

  4. I am beaming with pride ! God bless you all who worked on this up til today. Now our time ( Bowling Green’s time) to evern surpass your expectations This is why I took a pay cut. I transferred from a kick ass gm wentzville plant in Mizzou To be apart of something for the ages. I’ve never Ever been prouder to be on the GM team . Lamborghini. 911. Ferrari, welcome to America. Btw,how do you like being punched in the mouth. … wait now,,, plenty more coming…. God help you all Europe lol. Bty I’m just a line guy. Imagine what my supervisors Invision…. welcome to America. Let’s party!!

  5. Stunningly beautiful! BTW I think the camouflage worked. you really have to see the car in color to see it’s incredible features!

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