[PIC] Is the C8 Corvette Headed Back to the Nurburgring?


[PIC] Is the C8 Corvette Headed Back to the Nurburgring?

Is the C8 Corvette headed back to the Nurburgring?

That could be the case if you believe Corvette Forum user Corvette_Nut whom we’ve outed previously as an “agent provocateur” on the Corvette Team.

On Saturday, Corvette_Nut posted a new photo of a camouflaged C8 Corvette wearing the 07.18.19 banners on the door and he adds the comment, “Supposedly, GM is back at the ‘Ring’ testing the cooling system on two prototypes. Stay Tuned……..(Pun Intended)”.

Interestingly, the C8 prototype shown has the pre-production taillights and it doesn’t seem to have the rear wing spoiler and side rockers hidden by “pool noodles” under the camo. The only update which alerts us to this being a new photo is the date banners on the sides.

Our supposition is that the C8 Corvettes probably never left Germany and have just been waiting for the arrival of the development team who will update any of the software and make any other mechanical changes to bring it up to date before making any new runs on the 12.9 mile Green Hell.

We actually expected to see the C8 Corvettes back at the Nurburgring this summer, but we thought they would be there after the reveal so that they could test in production form without any camo or other disguises.

So as Corvette_Nut says, “Stay Tuned!” and we’ll keep our eyes open and will check in with some of our usual car spotters who hang out at the Nurburgring to see if the C8 Corvettes are back testing in Germany.


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