[VIDEO] Watch 12 Minutes of the C8 Corvettes Running Hard on the Nurburgring


[VIDEO] Watch 12 Minutes of the C8 Corvettes Running Hard on the Nurburgring

Huge shout-out to Carspotter Jeroen who shared some real fireworks this 4th of July in Germany of all places!

Chevy brought out four C8 mid-engine Corvettes and hit the Nurburgring running hard and fast on Wednesday. When it was said and done, Jeroen was able to put together this compilation video that runs an amazing 12 minutes!

In several instances he shows the stopwatch running on his phone, but so far none of the times he showed would be consistent with the car going for a lap time. The track looked busy and in several instances we see the brake lights come on as the prototypes encounter slower traffic.

But regardless of lap times, the sights and especially the sounds of the Corvettes at the Nurburgring make this one of the all-time best mid-engine videos we’ve seen!

From Carspotter Jeroen on YouTube:

On 07-03-2019 I recorded the new 2020 Corvette C8 at the Nurburgring. Chevrolet took 4 camouflaged Corvette’s C8 to the Nurburgring and drove them around. Enjoy the video.

Carspotter Jeroen on YouTube

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  1. That ain’t Jim Mero driving, that’s for sure. He would be much smoother and precise around the corners.

  2. You don’t think the engineers have the C8 all dialed-in the first time out on the ‘Ring, do you?

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